Kicking Myself (with my new shoes)

First up, a little fitness recap for the week:

Monday – 1 hour epic cardio

Tuesday – 3 mile run; TIU Slim w/o the gym workout (hello sore hammies!)

Wednesday – 10 minute elliptical warm-up, 2 rounds epic cardio; arms+abs weights workout; 20 minutes of interval treadmill sprints (alternating 1 minute each at 9, 6, 4); Arms+abs workout

Thursday – the hike that wasn’t (I got in a few hours of walking throughout the day)


Friday – rest day, my legs STILL hurt from Tuesdays workout+all the cardio+hiking through the snow

Saturday – 6 mile run + good stretch

Sunday – walking/hiking around neighborhood 

photo (5)

So why am I kicking myself?

It turns out the problem with my knee was actually an easily solvable problem with my feet! After just one week with my new shoes that I bought last Sunday, I am completely knee pain free (the pain was actually gone by Wednesday).

photo (3)

Although I do run and love to run, I don’t consider myself a “runner” in the sense that I know anything about running.

I don’t know what a yasso is and I’ve never purposefully completed a speed workout. I don’t keep detailed spreadsheets of my mileage and pace and I’ve never had the need for an ice bath after a long run. I’ve only ever run a handful of races (seriously, only 4) and I actually like to take walking breaks (gasp!).

The point is….I’m a runner in my heart, not so much in my actions. I knew better than to wear out running shoes but I did it anyway. Last summer when I was training for my first half-marathon, I experienced severe hip pain that was sidelining my running efforts. A quick trip to the shoe store told me that my shoes were embarrassingly worn down. The store did a gait analysis and matched me up with a pair of shoes that would help balance my body. The hip pain was gone!

I don’t know why, but it took 2 months of knee pain for the light bulb to click in my head….could this knee pain be because of my shoes? Shoes that I had trained for and ran 2 half marathons (plus countless other miles) in? Shoes that I had worn for 9 months…wearing them not only when I ran but for every day use as well?

Bingo! That’s exactly what it was. Let’s just say that I won’t wait so long for new shoes next time. I am so happy to be back to running without pain. I’m ready to steadily up my mileage—I miss long runs on the weekend!

I hope everyone is having a safe Memorial Day Holiday…remember NO drinking & driving. Today I am grateful for all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and freedom and I am especially thankful that my soldier made it home safe.


Now if you’ll excuse me…I have a very needy snuggler on my hands

photo (4)

Goodnight all!


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