The Sore Booty (Full Body) Workout

After a wonderful weekend trip, I am back at it! We went up to Littleton, CO (where we used to live) this past weekend. My husband had his Air Force Reserve duties and I tagged along so I could see the family. It was a nice but short trip.

On Sunday, I went wedding dress shopping with my future sister-in-law and she found her dress…it is so gorgeous! I dressed up and did my makeup and hair for the day so I just had to share it…because this kind of thing is a rarity.

Instagram makes everything look better

photo (1)

On Sunday night we had an early birthday celebration for my husband…his actual birthday is this coming Sunday but he will be asleep and working all day. Being a grown-up sucks sometimes.

Cake courtesy of my mother-in-law


That’s a lot of candles! He had some help though

photo 2

After what felt like the world’s longest car ride (only 6 hours) we arrived home last night just in time for dinner. Thankfully, the cats didn’t burn the house down while we were gone…this was the first time leaving them alone!

Rockie likes to pretend he is aloof and doesn’t care about anyone, but as soon as I sat down for a little work catch up he was snuggling right up to me.

Yep, he missed me


This morning I just felt so gross from the long car ride and the junk food that accompanied it (I did eat some fruit and veggies too though) so I headed to the gym for a serious sweat session. After almost 2 hours I felt like a brand new woman!!

The Workout

Warm-up: 20 minutes on the elliptical (2 rounds of Epic Cardio)

Full Body (x 2-3 rounds):

  • Walking lunges (x 50)
  • Alternating bicep curls (x 40)
  • Side lunges with knee lift & twist (x 20/side)
  • Deadlift to row (x 20)
  • Reverse lunge with kick (x 20/side)
  • Tricep kickbacks (x 15/side)
  • Flamingo Squats – basically a one legged squat (x 15/side)
  • Shoulder press with leg kick (x 10/leg)
  • Chest flyes (x 15)
  • Leg press to hydrant raise (x 15/side)

Core work (x 2-3 rounds):

  • One-legged raises and lowers in crunch position (x 50)
  • Side plank with scoop (x 15/side)
  • 90 degree double crunch (x 35) Ouch!
  • Russian twist (x 50)
  • V-up crunches (x 35)
  • Superman to stretch back

Followed by 30 minutes of elliptical with intervals

Holy cow was I a sweaty mess…also I forgot to wear deodorant today so my apologies to anyone within a 10 foot radius of my workout.

A note about this workout – if you have not done a lower body workout in a while I would recommend just 2 rounds because my booty was singing! It’s gonna hurt tomorrow. Working the lower body is a great way to torch calories because it is the largest muscle group. Also, if you only have a short amount of time for cardio I would do it after a strength workout to really up the calorie and fat burn (this is great for weight-loss).

Update on the June Affirmation Challenge that I posted Friday

I have been MIA so here is a round-up of my affirmations to-date:

  • June 1: I am worth the effort it takes to be healthy, happy, and whole.
  • June 2: I will run today! (Super easy affirmation that I repeated a few times and guess what? I ran 6 miles)
  • June 3: I will be a positive and supportive person to those who need it (I went wedding dress shopping with my future sister-in-law and I would like to think I was supportive and positive…she found her dress!)
  • June 4: I will spend time really focusing on my personal, professional, and healthy living goals for both the long-term and short-term. I will give serious thought to want I want and need out of life and work on the why and not just the what. I deserve great things.
  • June 5: I am a strong and powerful woman and I have the ability to create the life I want. (I think this affirmation really helped me push out this great workout)

Are you participating?? I would love to hear all of the positive affirmations that help you feel your best!!


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