Hike & a Mocktail

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend so far! My husband’s birthday is tomorrow and we kicked off the celebrations with a beautiful hike yesterday. We went back for a redo of Engineer Mountain…we tried to climb it a couple of weeks ago but multiple falls through waist-deep snow kinda ruined it. You can see the first hour and a half of hike pictures in this post.

Only 2 weeks later and so much greener!


I ended up with huge blisters on both of my feet (which I hope don’t sideline me for too long) but it was still one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done.

MHH Review

To get there: Take 550 north out of Durango. Head approximately 35 miles to Coal Bank Pass. At the pass there is a restroom facility on the right but you will want to park in the lot just past the facility on the left.

Trailhead: Pass Creek Trail

Total Distance: About 4.5 miles, because we chilled out at the top this hike took us close to 5 hours

Difficulty: To me, this trail was quite easy. The majority of it is gentle incline with quite a few flat stretches as well (there was a very steep but very short portion near the top of the trail). It does get a little tricky at the top when it turns into a narrow ridge with loose rock, however I didn’t go that far. My husband made it to the very top and said it was more difficult up there.

Notes: Unless you are well prepared, I would wait until warmer temperatures for this hike. We tried to go in May and were met with waist-deep snow…I was wearing shorts and was not having fun. Just 2 weeks later in early June and the majority of the snow had melted and it was much better.

Overall: I absolutely loved this hike! It was easier, enjoyable, and amazingly breathtaking. The panoramic mountain views at the top are something I will never forget. I highly recommend this hike to visitors and Four Corners residents alike!


Another way I like to celebrate special occasions is with a fancy Mocktail! I don’t drink alcohol and normally am content with water, but sometimes it’s just nice to have a tasty and fun beverage to sip. Whenever we are out and I want a drink I always ask the bartender for something “sparkly and non-alcoholic” and they almost always make something with pineapple. I decided to save myself the $$ and stinky bar smell (you know what I’m talking about) and make my own better version at home.

Fizzy Fruit Mocktail (serves 1)

  • Handful of strawberries, roughly chopped
  • 1 cup pineapple juice
  • Carbonated water or club soda (I used La Croix because it’s what I had on hand)
  1. Quickly blend the pineapple juice with strawberries…I left mine a little chunky.
  2. Pour club soda over ice, about halfway up the glass. Top with strawberry-pineapple mixture and enjoy


photo (4)

Talk about refreshment!

We are about to continue the celebrations with a trip to the lake and then some grilling time tonight along with cake, of course! His actual birthday is tomorrow but he will sleeping all day in preparation for work so we are doing presents and such tonight.

Happy Birthday Honey!

photo (3)


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