Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend birthday celebrations for my hubby continued yesterday with a trip to the lake just up the road (I feel so lucky to live where I do).

Wearing my new bathing suit and cover up from Target…love it! 


Lake + Mountain views? Sign me up.


Hubby fished away while I laid around and read


We didn’t end up staying long because Steven’s reel broke. Instead, we ran some errands and went home and spent a couple of hours cleaning our house! Younger me would have used a birthday (even someone else’s) as an excuse to party all week, but “grown-up” me just wants to be productive with my days off.

After we cleaned, I cooked Steven a birthday dinner. He had grilled lemon salmon, roasted red potatoes, and roasted asparagus with cherry tomatoes.

Yes we eat dinner on the couch.


I enjoyed a refreshing mocktail with dinner!


And then it was time for cake and presents. I got him gear for fly fishing (reel, waders, and boots) and some Under Armor workout clothes (his absolute favorite).



Sampson thinks he’s  a pretty good present too.


Today is all about more chores and such. I just went grocery shopping for the first time in a llllooooonnnngggg time. We were miserably low on produce so I loaded up.

Get in my belly


I have a million loads of laundry to do plus I’m going to work on food prep for the week. I want to make raw macaroons and bean dip today and I plan on eating Spicy Peanut Tempeh Noodles, a Sushi bowl, lots of salads, and a new recipe this week. I really, really, really want to run but the blisters on my feet are insane still so I’m thinking I will do a pilates DVD…no shoes needed!!

One more thing before I go. Today’s Affirmation: I am desirable. Not in a sexy kinda way (although I wouldn’t hate that) but an “I’m up for a job that I really want and they’d be crazy not to hire me” kinda way. I feel like I have a lot to offer and I know I would be a great addition to their team. I believe in myself and I believe I deserve this job. Wish me luck…I am hoping to find out this week.


One thought on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Love this..can’t wait to see the lake and mountains in person. I told Nathan about our trip and he’s excited, though he had lots of questions about the plane ride!

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