Do You Supplement?

My husband spends an embarrassing amount of money on supplements. But, it’s his thing so that’s fine with me. I’m sure he thinks I spend an embarrassing amount of money on spinach and bananas. To each their own.

He believes that supplements are a vital part of his workout regimen. Pretty much our entire fridge is covered with his various powders, drinks, and pills. It’s quite something to watch him get his beloved “sups” prepared for a workout. There is a specific order to it all – a method to his madness if you will.

He uses pre-workout fuel, whey protein, BCAAs, casein protein, creatine, and more. Whew…what a handful mouthful! He even takes his supps on trips with him. Okay, I’m sure I have embarrassed him enough…just glad he doesn’t read the blog!

I have a different approach to supplements. At first I was thinking I don’t even use them but that’s not true. I dug through the cabinets to find my most used supplements.


Sunwarrior sprouted brown rice protein powder, Synchro-Gen Superfood Protein Powder (won it on twitter!), Powdered Spirulina for smoothies, Chlorella Tablets, and Sea Salt for trace minerals.


Also let’s not forget green juices and smoothies! I prefer to supplement with green juices (rather than fast with them) to get added nutrients and energy along with my regular meals.

But as far as a whole regimen of supplements goes? Not my thing. I prefer to eat whole, fresh foods for my nutrients. But wait, you say….how do you get enough of the things you need as an active woman on a plant-based diet? Well let me just tell you!

Protein – protein powders, vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, tofu, tempeh

Omega-3 – chia seeds, flax, hemp, avocado

Calcium – dark leafy greens, vegetables like broccoli,  almonds, soy, fortified almond milk

Iron – again dark leafy greens (especially spinach), spirulina, soy, beans & lentils, pumpkin seeds

Vitamin-D –  a leisurely stroll in the sun (also in fortified almond milk)

Magnesium – bananas, grains, nuts, some vegetables

Probiotics – Kombucha and apple cider vinegar

Anti-oxidants – straight from the source with an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits. Also dark chocolate…just let me pretend ok?

Don’t forget how vitamin rich all fruits and veggies are! Make sure to “eat a rainbow” daily



Just in case – I take a well rounded multi-vitamin as well, for things I can’t get as easily from my food like vitamin B12. I believe that a multi-vitamin is beneficial to anyone, not just people on a plant-based diet.

I don’t feel the need to take things like BCAAs (branch chain amino acids), creatine (no way), or casein protein (according to The Chia Study and documentaries like Forks Over Knives, casein is the most detrimental form of dairy). If this means that I won’t achieve as muscular a physique as someone who downs powders, pills, and more lean chicken breast than I can stomach to even think about…that’s okay with me.

My diet and natural way of supplementation gives me plenty of energy and fuel and I really feel like I thrive not only physically, but mentally/emotionally/spiritually as well.

Do you supplement? If so, what do you use the most?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m GONE HIKIN’ for the day! Happy Friday to all.



2 thoughts on “Do You Supplement?

  1. i take the target brand of adult gummy multivitamin, and calcium magnesium tablets. my boyfriend bought them when his massage therapist said they’d help with sore muscles, so i steal them! i up my dosage when i’ve had a really tough workout, but usually once a day. i have flax meal and chia seeds daily as well. i was taking boswelia for a little bit to help with my shoulder inflammation, but didnt notice any changes, perhaps because i only took it once a day. it’s just so expensive, i wanted to make it last longer! i just ordered turmeric extract capsules, and have been looking for spirulina to add to smoothies. oh and of course protein powder for smoothies.

  2. No supplements for me. Just a whole foods, plant based diet. I pop B12, and D every once in awhile. I live I’m the rain forest afterall. Happy hiking and I’m jealous of your sun 😦

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