Snowdon Peak Hike

Whew, what a hike! For some reason we thought it was a 6 miler but it ended up being over 12!! It was a tough hike too with lots of stream crossings, downed trees, and just as many uphills as downhills both ways! By the end of the hike we were spent and taking my boots off was the best feeling ever.


I love the clouds in these two pictures:


The peak in the background is Engineer Mountain (our last hike)



We had to climb over a lot of downed trees, there must have been a crazy windstorm here


Salad for lunch although I was wishing I had a PB&B!



I had to laugh when we got home and looked at our pictures. For some reason there were just a bunch of me standing awkwardly. So for your viewing pleasure, here’s me standing in some random places…




Towards the end of the hike I said “let’s take a picture of how miserable we look” and this was my husband’s miserable face….he looks like he is having fun and I most definitely am not!!


So happy to be finished…my feet were throbbing!



Lesson learned: when you’re up in the mountains always be overprepared. We ended up hiking a tough double digit hike when we thought it would be a decent 6 miles; however, we brought plenty of food, water, sunscreen, and supplies so we were fine. You never know when something could go wrong while you are out there…it sounds cheesy but the “rules are different in the mountains.”

Beautiful, but different


MHH Review

To get there: Take 550 north out of Durango. You will travel for around 40 miles miles – if you encounter Molas Peak Pass you have gone a bit too far. Just south of the pass, take the Andrews Lake Road to the right, you will come to the parking lot within 2 miles.

Trailhead: I didn’t actually see a trailhead for the hike, but we took the path to the right of the lake (from the parking lot).

Total Distance: Our guide-book said 6 miles roundtrip but we walked closer to 12. The hike took us over 6 hours to complete. We must have gone further into  Snowdon Peak than we had planned.

Difficulty: This hike was TOUGH for us. My legs and feet have never hurt so badly from a hike and I was completely spent by the end. There were just as many uphills as downhills both ways. Usually you can look forward to mostly downhill paths on the return hike, but not this one. It was brutal.

Notes: Bring lots of water and sunscreen. I was completely covered…except for my head. I got a good burn right down my part line!

Overall: We really didn’t love this hike. It was a great training hike to get us back into good hiking shape. However, for as hard as it felt there really weren’t that great of views. Just my humble opinion. It’s nice because of the proximity to town, but I would call it a “take it or leave it” hike.


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