Mountain Rain

Good morning friends! Quick check-in here today as I have a full day ahead of me.

Yesterday we went on an amazing hike…they just keep getting better and better! I can’t wait to share pictures, the entire hike was so beautiful. We hiked up to a mountain lake that was so blue it was unreal.


Once we got home we headed out to celebrate my friend Brittany’s birthday (which is actually tomorrow).


She got that papasan as a gift…I have chair envy!


This morning I treated myself to a new class: “Mountain Athlete” Yoga. It was the perfect combination of stretches for my tight legs. I went into the class struggling with downward dog (tight hammies!) and left accomplishing a big toe hold on both sides. Much better!

Today we have more birthday celebrations planned. I’m taking Brittany to lunch and then to see Magic Mike – oh yeah! Tomorrow there is a possibility of tubing and waterfall jumping, I’m pretty excited.

I have a few posts coming your way once I have time: a daily eats post, recap of our hike complete with plenty of pictures, fitness recap, and some new recipes!

Until then I wanted to leave you with this video I took in the mountains yesterday. As we were hiking back down it started to rain and my husband found us a rock to sit under while we waited out the storm. The cool air and peaceful sounds of mountain rain were breathtaking. I want to play this on repeat while I sleep! I hope you enjoy…have a great weekend.

Mountain Rain

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