Ice Lake Hike

Well that took long enough! Sorry for the delay – I had a super busy weekend. Speaking of being super busy…did everyone notice the new blog header? I would love to hear your thoughts! I stayed up late last night to make it (with the help of Google, of course).

Friday we trekked up to a trail just north of Silverton, Colorado. It was one of those hikes that I was excited about before we even got out of the car – the whole area was breathtakingly beautiful. Though we encountered cloudy skies and even some rain, this was one of the best hikes we’ve ever done. It was pretty tough towards the top but the end was worth it.


MHH Review:

To get there: take 550 north out of Durango. Once you hit Silverton, stay northwest on 550 and take a left on South Mineral Campground Road, continue for 4.5 more miles to you hit the parking lot

Trailhead: Ice Lake Basin Trail

Total Distance: we ended up hiking just over 8 miles. It took us about 5 hours and would have taken longer if it wasn’t raining at the top (meaning we would have stayed there longer).

Difficulty: I would say this is a tough trail. It was a very steep climb and my quads were burning by the time we got to the top!! We took a hidden route at the beginning of the trail that had us climbing on all fours at some points, but there was an easier route to take – although you didn’t get to walk across the waterfall on that route! Lots of switchbacks as well. (*note I’m not judging based on any professional scale, just how difficult I thought it was)

Notes: If you go on a sunny day, be sure to wear lots of sunscreen as a majority of the trail is open. However, bring a jacket because it was chilly at the top.

Overall: I loved this trail and would suggest it to anyone in the area or anyone coming to the area for hiking!


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