Friday Randomness

Hey guys!

It seems like I have spent an insane amount of time on blog projects recently so I decided to take a little break yesterday. Between the new header, the Hiking Page, and my first Vlog…many hours have been logged in front of the computer lately.

But even with a break, I didn’t do anything too exciting yesterday. I woke up early for some oil pulling…

photo (2)

Bed head!

Oil pulling you say? Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic approach to oral care and cleansing. While the most staunch gurus would recommend 20 minutes of oil pulling a day (first thing, on an empty stomach) I just don’t have the time or desire for that. Instead, I have been doing about 5 minutes every other morning for teeth whitening. That’s right, swishing sesame oil around can help whiten your teeth!!

My teeth are far too sensitive for whitening strips but I wanted to do something to brighten my smile nonetheless. Just a couple of days a week spent oil pulling and I can already notice a difference. You can find more information about the what and how of oil pulling here. FYI, I use a cold/first pressed organic sesame oil. It’s not the tastiest but it’s supposed to be the best.

After I was finished I got ready to go sweat at the gym. It was a back+bicep day and I followed my workout with 2 miles of interval sprints on the treadmill (and felt like a champ!). I am continuing to gain strength and upped it to 22.5lb (each) bicep curls! I’m also doing 80lb cable rows and 70lb lat pulldowns. I really have no idea if this is considered “good” in the weight lifting world but it sure is good for me!!


After about 3 weeks of my new way of working out, I can tell a difference. Can you? Also I swear I’m not jaundiced.

After the gym it was time for cleaning, working, and job hunting. All in all quite the productive day mixed in with some not-so-productive moments like this.

photo (3)


My husband bought me some Toms yesterday, I’m only 5 years behind the trend. I love them so much…plus they are vegan and for every pair purchased a pair of shoes goes to a child in need. Amazing company.


I also made a new recipe yesterday! I will post it sometime next week. Dried cherries are the special ingredient…can you guess what it is??


My husband just finished an extra long workweek. He is “on call” for one weekend a month and this is his weekend. So far he has been called in 2 of the 4 days, making for a 60 hour workweek (5 days straight of 12 hour shifts). Fortunately, he didn’t get called in today but unfortunately he is exhausted so no hiking this weekend…I’m already having withdrawals.

I started undertaking a massive photo organization project this morning…on my iPhone. I had over 800 photos to move to my computer and sort or delete so I could update my carrier settings (which are taking over 2 hours, ugh).


And yes, despite my resolution this year most of the pictures are of food and kitties. However, I have really gotten into nature photography since moving to Durango. I love to hike and I love to take pictures on our hikes…I come back from each hike with no less than 200 pics!! I am always in awe of the beauty of the land surrounding us and I want to make this a more serious hobby…which means I am going to start saving now to hopefully be able to buy a fancy camera sometime by the year 2017. I have my eye on a few models and seriously hope to have the cash saved by Christmas.


Although iPhone + Instagram can make some cool photos, I’m looking forward to being able to create stunning pictures of the mountains.

I want to thank everyone for their positive feedback on the Kale Salad Vlog I posted Wednesday. I was nervous to put myself out there like that but overall I really enjoyed the entire video making process. I do foresee more vlogs in MHH future!


For now I need to get back to the grind and finish up some work projects. Looks like we are doing dinner and a movie with some friends in town tonight. We are going to see Savages and I am pretty excited about it!!

What are your exciting plans for the weekend??


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