I Do It For the Bears

Good Monday morning to you! Checking in with a weekend recap.

Friday night started off with dinner and a movie with friends. We had plenty of time to kill before the 9:00 showing of Savages so we decided to do something super touristy….


I love it! My husband acted like he was too cool to do it but as soon as he had those chaps on he was loving it!! As for Savages -  I liked the movie…it’s different, but I knew what it was about going in. My friend Brittany wasn’t quite sure what to think.

We got home late and hit the sack almost immediately. Around 1:00AM we heard a ruckus in the living room and it was my turn to check out just what the kitties were getting into this time. I couldn’t see much but out of the corner of my eye I saw something in the yard (we live in a basement so our “yard” is at window level). I thought “oh cool a deer right there in the yard” and then I realized it was A BEAR!! And that’s exactly what I screamed “a bear…OHMYGOSH it’s a bear! It’s a bear! Bear!!” That was enough to send him running back into the brush.

This was my first time seeing a bear and needless to say it got me a little excited! I wasn’t the only one either…the cats were freaked out. It was quite hilarious to see their faces.

I didn’t get  a picture but this pretty much sums it up…


It turns out that my upstairs landlords recently accidentally left their garage door open overnight and the bear made himself at home and raided their entire fridge/freezer. He must have been coming back for food.


First he tried to get in through the door…good thing it was locked!


Then he tried the windows…hope he wasn’t looking for a kitty snack!!

When we first moved in the landlords asked us not to put our trash out in the collection can because it could attract bears. If a bear is spotted in the neighborhood then the city can come in and kill it. As much as I get annoyed by having to bring our trash to a dumpster in town instead of putting it out at our house, I do it for the bears because no animal should have to die just so I can have convenience.


Now that I have seen a bear up close and in person I’m going to be much more careful outside at night!!

Saturday we woke up early for a big pancake breakfast downtown. Afterwards we perused the local farmers market which finally has loads of delicious looking produce! Unfortunately we didn’t actually need anything so I left empty handed. I’m making it my mission this week to eat all of the produce in the house so I can stock up on organic and local goodies next Saturday.

For some reason at noon on Saturday I decided to go for a run. You know how I was just talking about a runner’s high? Well this was a runner’s low for sure. It was hot and painful…coffee and pancakes do not make a good pre-run fuel. It was a miserable 4 miles that reminded me that no, I have not conquered running.

Sunday morning I woke up and got my run in before it got too hot. This time I fueled with watermelon and water…much better! I just did a quick 2 mile hilly loop and then a method workout. Along with cleaning and laundry, I ran errands and picked out a nice outfit for an interview today.

With that…I’m off! Wish me luck, I will let you know how it goes. In the meantime here are some sweet kitty pictures…


Rockie says “bears? I ain’t afraid of no bears…”


Meanwhile Sampson is getting a kick out of this shoebox..it’s the simple things in life

Happy Monday…did anything exciting happen to you this weekend??

A quick Happy First Anniversary to my best friend Sarah and her husband Aron! I love and miss you guys.



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