Weekend Wrap-Up

I was thinking the other day about way back in January when I wrote an Ode To Summer. Back then it was so cold and bleak I couldn’t imagine it ever being summertime. I feel like I just blinked and here we are, right in the thick of things. 

I have been lucky enough to have almost the past four months to explore our new town and really soak up summertime. I’ve continued to work for my company from Denver while I’ve looked for employment here and that has provided us with the security for me to sit back and relax. This very well could be the last summer of my adult life where I just get to have fun!!

This weekend highlighted my favorite things to do here in Durango. Technically this weekend wrap-up starts on Thursday when we went for a little hike. It was nothing compared to our usual hikes up here, but it was still a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful splendor of our area.

We hiked about 4.5 miles of the Molas Pass section of the Colorado Trail. Beautiful views to be had all around!!




After our shorter than normal hike, we headed back into town. We had dinner with a wonderful view and went to see Ted (my husband loved it, I thought it was okay).


There was as storm so bad that the power in the movie theater actually went out! When we got home from the movie we realized the power was also out at our house and it ended up coming back on sometime during the night.

Friday morning we woke up to the devastating and shocking news of the shooting in Aurora. My heart breaks for the victims and their families. It blows my mind that they were doing something as innocent as going to a movie – the same thing we had been doing that night. My husband and I are movie people and I just can’t imagine something like that happening at a place where I feel so safe and happy. I will never understand senseless acts of violence and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.

Later on Friday I took my husband tubing down the Animas River. I had tubed on the 4th of July but he was working so this was his first time going. He wasn’t sure what to think at first but he ended up loving it!


I had fun except for the fact that we were bumping through a rougher patch and I was launched up and came down hard on a rock. I definitely bruised my tailbone pretty bad (hopefully I didn’t break it, only time will tell). It’s still hurting two days later so I know that was one nasty impact.

Saturday morning I woke up early and headed down to the Farmer’s Market. I bought local, organic kale and Swiss chard, which I immediately made into garlic kale chips and a green smoothie. I also enjoyed a “Lemon Balm Green Juice” which was quite different.


After the market I went to the mall for some shopping. I had to pick up quite a few new pairs of dress pants because I GOT A JOB!! That’s right, Friday afternoon a company made an offer and I accepted. I am very excited to start with this company because they have a great reputation in town in respect to how they treat their employees. Although I do have to start over and work my way up, I’m ready for the challenge. I start work August 2nd, so this next week is dedicated to getting my body back on “8-5” time.

Although I try to be body positive and tell you guys that numbers (like weight and size) shouldn’t be the judge of your health, I have to say I was super excited to realize that I can now fit into a size 7 pant! The last time I bought work pants, I was 50lbs heavier so this time around was much more enjoyable.


Our mall really doesn’t have much to offer so I’m going to complete my work wardrobe when I visit Albuquerque next week (hello Target!).

My husband also did a little shopping this weekend; he has been wanting to buy a gun for a while now and finally found one he liked. He spent some “boys time” shooting at targets yesterday. I plan to go out next week and learn how to use it (with the recent bear scare, I really should know how to handle a gun for my own safety and protection).


While the boys were out doing man stuff, my friend Brittany and I went waterfall jumping! I can’t wait to go with my husband, I think I’m going to take him sometime this week. The only way I can describe these waterfalls is that it’s like a natural water park ride. I wish I had a waterproof camera to bring and show y’all..it’s just so much fun!! Somewhere there are pictures of me jumping the last fall and once I get then I will share.


We made it back to the car just in time because it started to pour! It’s Durango’s “monsoon” season and we are finally getting enough rain to take the edge off of the fire danger. We headed back down to town to warm up with a large cup of coffee while Brittany created some coffee shop artwork. I wish I could be effortlessly creative, but my brain just doesn’t work like that (except maybe when it comes to food).



We ended the day by seeing the new Batman movie. In a word: exceptional. It was so good and I seriously have a huge crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. While I really enjoyed the movie I would say it is unadvisable to go see a 3 hour movie with a bruised tailbone…I just could not get comfortable!!

This morning I slept in until 10:00a.m. -  the latest I have slept in a long time. I figured I would enjoy one more lazy morning before I started to get ready for my new job. I am going to start waking up early again tomorrow so that by the time I start work (in about 10 or so days) it won’t be so painful!

I sure will miss lounging around with these two:


This ponytail holder has provided hours and hours of endless entertainment for Sampson and Rockie. They bring it everywhere with them, including the bed when they take a nap.

No lazy Sunday morning is complete without pancakes! I enjoyed a protein pancake topped with peanut butter, banana, strawberries, coconut, and syrup. Black coffee on the side.


One rogue blueberry…

After a weekend filled with hiking, tubing, waterfalls, movies, and friends…I’m getting more than a little sad that my “staycation” is coming to an end. I sure have enjoyed myself this summer and have fallen deeply in love with Durango and the surrounding area. I have quite a few projects I would like to finish before heading back to work so this week is already booked up. After that, my mom and nephew are coming to visit so I will get to have one last hoorah with the people I love before I start work on August 2nd! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

I hope your weekend was filled with adventure and happiness. Don’t forget to hug the ones you love and truly embrace and appreciate every moment, as they are all precious. Happy weekend and I will see you again tomorrow!

What was your favorite moment of the weekend?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Loved this post! Nice and newsy. Congrats on the job :). Not to be into numbers and all that but you look smaller than a 7. Just sayin’

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