Weirdo Wednesday

FACT: It is Wednesday…



ANOTHER FACT: This post is extremely random. Some days I have absolutely nothing to say and some days I just can’t stop rambling. So pull up a chair and lower your expectations cause it’s about to get weird…

First off…I’m extremely disappointed that nobody mentioned my Silence of the Lambs reference in yesterday’s post. I was seriously cracking up about it all day (even a slight chuckle as I fell asleep). I thought it was hilarious and that in turn I was hilarious. All I need is for just one person to say it was funny.


Apparently, Rockie isn’t that someone.

Next, I want to share something with you…I created this picture for twitter the other day but I thought it was worth a double share.


3 years and 50lbs of difference (well 45, but that’s a story for another day)

I feel like I have been working non-stop for the past few days. I making a big push on a  tedious and huge work project that I’ve got going on. I was hoping to finish it today but I just don’t think that’s possible even though I put in over 10 hours on it yesterday!! Yes, 10 hours of spreadsheet work. This meant lots and lots of sitting (as a result, my legs never loosened up), extra coffee, crossed eyes, and a late gym workout.

I’m proud to say that after a draining day I still made it to the gym—at 7:00! This may not seem like a big deal but I’ve never workout out at the gym at night, or really ever worked out at night. I try and get my workouts in as early as possible to avoid life getting in the way. Sometimes that’s just not possible (aka work projects and zombie stiffness) so I’m glad I found time to fit in a quality chest+tricep workout. I kept the cardio to a minimum to let my legs recover and banged out a challenging workout in about 45 minutes.

Although I never really got into the workout (improper fueling and no music weren’t helping) I’m proud to say that I increased my weights for chest presses, chest flyes, skull crushers, chest pullovers, single arm cable chest presses, cable chest flyes (25!), and tricep pullovers. So it was worth it!

After I got home it was smoothie, shower, and MORE WORK. You see I have a big few days coming up. Tomorrow and Friday are my last two consecutive days with my husband for who knows how long. As such, we are going to pack in the action. We are planning a hike tomorrow and some target practice, waterfall jumping, dining out, and possibly a movie on Friday.


On top of all that I have to find time to clean the house before I leave for Albuquerque on Saturday. I’m heading down there to shop for work clothes, hang out with my in-laws, and pick up my mom and nephew from the airport on Sunday!! Sunday-Wednesday are quality family fun time and next Thursday I start my new job.

Whew, I hope I have a minute to breath!!

I’m the kind of person that values and enjoys downtime. I’m rarely ever “super busy” and don’t understand the American Mentality that if you’re not overscheduled, overworked, and overstressed you really aren’t living! I look at it as the “art of doing nothing” from Eat, Pray, Love…this life of ours is short and precious and magical and mysterious…there’s no need to rush through it.


My doing nothing usually involves kitty snuggles…

Time for some more random ramblin….

***Check it Out***

This response by Health on the Run to the “surviveon35” challenge. For those of you unfamiliar, this is a social media based “challenge” in which bloggers must survive and thrive on a healthy diet while spending only $35 for the week (supposedly the same amount you would receive from government assistance for food stamps). When I first saw this I thought it was quite degrading and condescending. A challenge to survive on $35?? Okay maybe that is a “fun” thing for a privileged blogger to do for a week (and get compensated for) but many, many Americans have to really live on that…I just don’t like they way they are acting about how fun and easy it is. For a lot of people it is reality.

There is so much more to think about here than eating healthy on a budget and that’s where I appreciate Lauren’s view. As a public health professional, she has real knowledge about the food situation in our country (so far with the challenge I’ve only seen meal cost breakdowns, no actual education about food stamps). Before we start criticizing people for not eating healthy on food stamps (when healthy living bloggers make it look so easy!), let’s realize here that it’s not the whole story. Access, time, lifestyle, working multiple jobs, and lack of health and food education all play a part. Before people can eat healthy, they need to know what healthy is (and even then it might not be an easy possibility for a lot of people). Anyway, soapbox done…her article (and its follow-up) are worth a read.

-This post from Gena of Choosing Raw on why (despite little factual/scientific evidence) she believes eating a high raw diet is right for her. I agree with and appreciate her approach. Many vegetarians, vegans, and raw foodies can be dogmatic in their approach to food and take a “this is the only right way, how dare you for not doing it” approach. I approach food much like Gena, you will notice that I’ve never used the blog as a means to tell you that you should be plant-based or that a vegan diet is the best diet. All I can say is that it is the best diet for me and I believe I am thriving. I think this is one of the reasons my husband and I are able co-exist (he eats meat/dairy/eggs/junk food/won’t ever give it up). We respect each other’s choices and understand that YOU are the only person who knows what is best for your body!! (Although sometimes he does call my food “crazy hippie shit” lol)

-Okay – now that I have inundated you with serious thoughts…how about something HILARIOUS. Please please please do yourself a favor and check this article out…it had me laughing so hard I cried…The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened from Buzzfeed. My favorites are 2, 4, 11 (cute but tragic lol), and pretty much any picture with a cat (surprise).

It seems they forgot about this cutest thing ever…


FACT: My tailbone is still hurting so I must now go ice my butt


Have a great day.

Tell me a random fact about yourself!


2 thoughts on “Weirdo Wednesday

  1. I need you to know that yes, I did in fact laugh out loud at your Silence of the Lambs reference. I will forever picture you cat with Buffalo Bill’s voice…creepy!

  2. i too laughed out loud when i read that caption to the picture of your kitty! my boyfriend asked what, and i showed him. so don’t think your wit goes un noticed 😉 also, i totally agree with what you said about the survive on 35 issue!

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