Greetings From Albuquerque

Hello from Albuquerque!

(myself and my father-in-law)

I didn’t think to bring my laptop with me so I’m writing this post on my phone – sorry if it looks terrible!!

I came down here earlier today to stay the night with my in-laws. My mom and nephew fly into ABQ early tomorrow and I am picking them up and heading to Durango for a week of fun.

I woke up early this morning to pack and workout…4 hours in a car required a sweat session (unfortunately I probably won’t workout tomorrow morning).


I did workouts from Carrots-n-Cake and Fitnessista (I will give you the links tomorrow they were awesome!!).

After that I was on the road…



The drive was pretty!


We went shopping so I could get some work clothes and then we visited old town Albuquerque and I got to visit a 300 year old church that was so beautiful!!



Right now we are about to play cards and then it’s time for bed. I will check back in tomorrow night!!


Goodnight all!!


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