Playing Catch Up

Whew, it has been quite a week!! Last time I really talked to you I was down in Albuquerque picking up my family who was in town at the beginning of the week.

We had tons of fun around Durango including putt putt, bike rides, hiking, having fun at the river, and driving up in the mountains.



Nathan kept up on tabata with me…here we are doing burpees!


Cooling off afterwards in the river


He loved the trains!



My mom and Nathan left early Thursday morning…the same day I started my new job.


Day 1 outfit

With all of the “stay-cation” fun and jumping into my new job, I feel so behind on a lot of things. I’m taking this weekend to play catch-up….on my other work (still helping them out with that), housework including laundry and cleaning, gym time, Olympics, blog stuff (I’ve missed it!!), kitty snuggling, and SLEEP!!


That foot just kills me

I will be spending more time on blog stuff tomorrow…I don’t want to disappear just because I have a lot going on!! I truly love to blog and love connecting with you guys and will do my best to keep it up. I do have a couple of recipes coming up but I’m always up for suggestions from you.

Anything you want to see here be it a recipe, workout, weight-loss tips, or random rambling?? Let me know!!


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