Daily Eats 8/5 + Race Talk

I woke up with a headache and a bad attitude this morning so I decided not to do a morning workout. Instead I brewed 2 pots of coffee (one to be chilled and one to drink right away) and got to it.



  • English muffin with cashew butter, banana, and cinnamon on one side and blueberry chia jam on the other.


  • Nice and hot cup of French Roast served black


  • A little later I had an iced coffee made with Irish cream flavored coffee while I got some stuff done in the kitchen (including pitting cherries).



  • #1: I was so caught up in chores I forgot I was supposed to head downtown to watch my friend Brittany play at a local saloon. So I made the fastest lunch I could think of: smoothie!! In the blender: spinach, cantaloupe, frozen mixed berries, vanilla protein powder, and almond milk. Drunk on the run.

Check out this video: note it was filmed on my phone so it’s not the best quality but they are great in person. Way to go Britt!!


  • #2: After the show I had a new Larabar Uberbar. I like the texture better than the original but this taste was all over the place for me.

While I was out and about I decided that I just HAD TO DO SOMETHING WITH MY HAIR. It’s getting to that awkward stage where I just want to cut it off but I’m not doing that till summer and hiking are done. After looking through the listings for salons I finally remembered we live in a small town and nothing would be open on a Sunday. So instead I picked up a box of color and took matters into my own hands. Um…I got the “darkest brown” color and they weren’t lying. My husband says I look goth…what do you think??


Please note that my hair is not actually “fixed” in either picture…k thanks.

After I showered and such I decided to just go get sweaty again with some tabata…I love a 12 minute workout that has me dripping sweat and also thinking that I might die.


Tabata Workout (3 rounds)

Round 1:

  • jumping jacks
  • mountain climbers
  • side shuffles
  • jump squats

Round 2:

  • jumping lunges
  • low jacks
  • plank jacks
  • high knees

Round 3:

  • reverse jacks (opposite jumping jack)
  • burpees
  • jump rope (“fake” cause I don’t actually have one – just pretended)
  • Insanity high jump

WOOWEE! Loved it…although the cats sure were worried about me.




  • I ate my weight in veggies and if felt good.
  • I had a veggie plate with garlic hummus and pita chips
  • And a salad made of wilting lettuce plus spinach. Dressed in EVOO, balsamic vinegar, and more garlic hummus…wanna kiss me??


I went grocery shopping today which was great because we really needed it!! I ended up going to 3 different stores to get the best deals and it wasn’t really too bad because I got it over with early and because Durango is so small it didn’t matter. I went to Wal-Mart for household goods and stuff like cereal and snacks, City Market for the beautiful produce, and a health store for the specialty items like nut butters and sprouted non-GMO tofu. Whew!!

I came home and proceeded to make a terrible mess prepping it and putting it all away. I washed and prepped kale to make salads easier, cut up some fruit that was ready to be eaten, and pitted and froze some cherries that were going bad (hello Chocolate-Covered Cherry Smoothies!!).


Rockie Helped


Sampson did not…

After that I spent about 30 minutes prepping some lunch and snack stuff for the first half of the week, but more on that tomorrow.

Race Talk

I finally found a race that I want to do this fall. I think at the beginning of the year I set a goal for 2 half-marathons but with the move and other factors I just haven’t done one yet. This is the Durango Double Half-Marathon on October 7th. I sat down today and figured out the pros and cons:


  • It’s in Durango…the start line is seriously 10 minutes from my house, score!!
  • A lot of the course is on the river trail that I already run and love.
  • It’s 9 weeks out which gives me plenty of time to train.
  • I want to run it. ‘Nuff said.


  • It’s $80!! Holy cow that’s a lot.
  • I’ve been having some funky feelings in my knee again which is making it hard to run as much as I’d like. Add to that the fact that my workout routine is weights-heavy and I don’t have a ton of time set aside to train.
  • I’m slower than I used to be…less running and more strength training = slow Shelley. I had wanted to get a time of below 2:10 and below 2:00 at some point this year. With my speeds lately I’m not sure I could break 2 hours!!
  • We may be out of town at the Balloon Fiesta down in Albuquerque…not sure yet.

Overall I am going to assume that I will be running it and start training accordingly. I don’t want to push myself too hard while my knee is acting up so I’m gonna keep it simple for a while. At this point I know I can run 7-9 miles no problem so I should be in good shape.

That’s it for tonight, folks….be back tomorrow with thoughts on going back to work and fitting it all in. Until then here is the cutest damn picture you’ll see all day.


Happy Monday to all!!


7 thoughts on “Daily Eats 8/5 + Race Talk

  1. I actually squealed with excitement when I saw that there was a post from you in my bloglovin feed – made my night! (: Love it! Thanks for keeping up with the blog despite the crazy busy life, Shelley!(: x

  2. Golly, you were super productive today! Makes my day seem super lazy (ie. WAY too much time on the couch watching the Olympics).

    1. Gah! I LOVED your friend’s music. Definitely right up my alley.
    2. The hair looks great. A new dye job always makes my hair feel a little healthier, granted I haven’t done anything to my hair in over 8 months. Oops.
    3. You should do a post on grocery shopping/list; I’d like to see what you typically get and approximate weekly budget. Just an idea.
    4. I haven’t done any speed work/real running in over 3 weeks! My slightly speedier legs are probably walking out the door 😦 I plan to do a fall 1/2 marathon with a 2:10 time goal but I don’t know if that is realistic anymore.
    5. An $80 price tag is pretty steep. But the convenience of the race would win me over. I’d train for it, and if you happen to be in town run it! Who cares if you don’t make a specific time goal- remember that you love to run and THAT is the reason you do it!

    Holy wordy-me! Maybe I should just write blog posts in response to yours! But that would mean I would actually have to post on my blog, and that is obviously something I’m not motivated to do 🙂 Hope your mood turned around today!

    • I am liking the hair more after a couple of days.
      LOVE the idea for a comprehensive grocery blog…next time we are super low I will do one and go through the whole week to see how long everything lasts, thanks for that!!
      I’m slow…but I can still do it so that’s all that matters. When you consider the gas and time I will save, $80 isn’t bad at all. Gonna start my training this weekend with a 7 or 8 miler wish me luck!!
      And yes…the two pots of coffee turned my mood right around.

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