Yes, that was the most original title I could come up with.

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday night! These past couple of days have flown by. I was supposed to go to a friend’s birthday party (Brittany’s little sister Bre who is the fiddle player in their family band). BUT by the time I got off work at five and got in a legs and shoulders workout in the gym, it was already 7:00pm. Top it off with the lame fact that I want to be in bed no later than 10 and it’s no fun for me tonight!!


Deer on Main St. last night!!

We went out for our friend Garrett’s birthday last night (Britt’s fiancé). I was excited because it was the first time I had seen my husband since Friday morning!!


Dinner with a view…and the mountains ain’t bad either…HEYO!!

It was quite a fancy pants restaurant. I had a non-alcoholic mojito that was pretty stellar. My meal, however, was so salty that I instantly felt bloated. I hate when that happens!!

To help hide the bloat today I wore a new flowy shirt. Then I realized it looked like a maternity shirt and I was hoping nobody would ask how far along I was. It HAS happened (just a couple months ago actually)!! I was wearing a babydoll-style shirt  once and somebody asked if I was pregnant. My husband said my face got as red as his shirt above and I believe I said the sassiest “excuse me?” of my life!! I haven’t worn that shirt since.


Do you think it looks too maternity??

Oh by the way somebody needs to take this “pic stitch” app away from me…I just.can’t.stop.

But while we’re on the subject…


I’m warming up to the new hair color…it’s not so shocking after a couple of days. It definitely washes me out though!! Same spot, same time of day and I look like I completely lost my tan.

Well other than that crazy ramblin’ I’m out of stuff to talk about!! Plus I have some work to catch up on. I will be back tomorrow with a tasty salad recipe.

Rockie says have a good night!! Also, he’s crazy.



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