A Day in the Life

Today I’m going to focus on what a typical day looks like for me – now that I have a full time job that is. There was no such thing as a typical day this summer while I was working from home, which I both loved and disliked about it. I think I do fairly well on routine. Granted I’ve only been working full time again for a week so there’s no telling if a typical day will look the same in a month or so but I have a feeling it will…I am a creature of habit.

The main point I’m trying to showcase is how I will actually execute balance between work, fitness, health, hobby, and my personal relationships. Remember…balance means different things to different people – it all depends on your priorities!  Let’s get started.

6:00am – wake up. I have to be at work at 8 and while it technically only takes me about 30 minutes total to get ready, I like to take my time and mosey around. Being rushed is the worst!!

Take care of a few of my daily health habits like drinking 16oz of water first thing and dry brushing before I shower. Then shower and get ready.


(take an unnecessary self-pic)

7:00am – eat  breakfast and catch up on the Today Show’s Olympic athlete interviews (as an aside – power to the athletes who are actually happy when they win silver and bronze…I hate seeing the pouty faces (cough couch McKayla) I understand missing the gold is disappointing but be proud of yourself – I loved the reactions and pride from the silver and bronze women’s 100m hurdlers)

Breakfast was AWESOME. We had an almost empty jar of PB so I made overnight oats (in the jar I put 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup almond milk, 1 banana, and some shredded coconut; in the morning I stirred in some blueberry-chia jam it was EPIC) Served with a tiny sip of black coffee



7:35am – leave for work. I don’t like to be late so I give myself plenty of cushion. Not-so-secretly wish I was outside running. Mornings are the best


8:00am  – get started on some work. I’ve been bringing my own ice coffees because I have been making them SO GOOD. It usually takes me a while to drink it, this morning it was almost 2 hours before I finished so I want to start making almond milk and coffee ice cubes. Work, work, work.


12:00pm – Lunchtime! I headed to nearby park to picnic with my husband….awwww how sweet.



Lunch was a quinoa bowl for the third day in a row. I made so much on Sunday that I still have one bowl left and I can’t wait to be done. After lunch I headed back into the office for more work.

2:15pm -  crave chocolate but sadly I didn’t have any…


2:45pm – still jonesing for something sweet so I settled for granola bar


4:45pm – eat a peach for pre-workout fuel


5:00pm – go home and see hubby before he heads to gym; originally I had planned to go to a pilates class but I felt like working out harder…when that happens I don’t ignore it!!

6:00pm – completed a crossfit-style at home WOD – holy hell I was sweaty! You can’t tell but even my shoulders and shins were sweating; I went out for a walk afterward and then decided to go ahead and run! Open fist pump for feeling strong and awesome.



7:30pm -  Smoothie and blogging. My computer was being slow hence the reason this is posting today. I also got some work done for my company from Denver.


Spinach, kale, frozen berries, almond milk, protein powder, Amazing Grass greens powder

I was still hungry of course so I had some veggies, spicy hummus (the best), and pita chips while watching the Olympics and unwinding.


9:00pm – get ready for the next day; pack lunch (more quinoa bowl), pack gym bag, and set out work clothes. Also get stuff ready for breakfast. My husband thinks it’s hilarious but I will literally set out a bowl and spoon if I think it will make it quicker to eat my cereal.

10:15pm – head to bed so I could wake up and do it all again!!!

Obviously not every day is like this. Sometimes I don’t want to work out and most of the time I have a “regular” dinner (although a smoothie and veggies is pretty normal to me). However, I can tell you that I do crave chocolate on a daily basis. Maybe I’ll do another day in the life in a month or so to see what a typical day is like then.

For now I will leave you with this picture of the cats….let’s play a game called “see if you can spot Sampson’s head” and then try to figure out how it got there!!



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