Weekend Update

Hello from the flipside! I’m so glad you all enjoyed my post on How To Raise an Awesome Cat!! My husband said “if you put that up, people are gonna think you’re crazy” and I said “baby, they already do.”

Rockie and Sampson have enjoyed the attention so much they are thinking about starting their own blog…


It will be called “Mile High…We’re Snuggling Again”

I had one of those weekends where you feel like you are constantly doing something…hence no post till now. However when I look back I realized I actually did a whole lotta nothing. Sometimes that’s nice too!

Friday night I went to see the Bourne Legacy and O…M…G…I love Jeremy Renner, he reminded me of an American James Bond. The way the movie ended it looks like there will be more and I can’t wait (he’s also supposed to be taking over the Mission: Impossible franchise!).

Saturday was an odd day because my husband was on call for work. If he were to get called in it would be around 4:00pm for a 6:00pm to 6:00am shift so that really screwed up our Saturday. He had to sleep like he could get called in (on his last on-call he had to work 2 of the 3 days!) and we couldn’t really do anything fun (like hiking) in case he had to be close for work. Bummer. Instead, we went downtown for lunch and then picked up the Hunger Games to watch. He didn’t get it…at all. He’s more of an ESPN man.

Sunday was a mix of preparation and relaxation. I headed to the store to stock up on groceries and other goods and came home and did some food prep. My friend Alex suggested I do a blog on meal planning/grocery shopping/food prep/budgeting and I think that’s an awesome idea! I’m going to wait for a week where we really need a lot and have a lot to do…this week would have been too boring.


I made a few salads for the week: check out my post on Salad Shakers. I was making salad in a jar before it was all cool on Pinterest! Granted, they aren’t very fancy, but it’s the same concept.

I had planned to do a lot of cleaning and general “getting things done” but it was way too nice outside so I took a break for a mini-hike to the river to lay out and read.


Sunshine, nature, and fresh air make me feel whole

Along with the random stuff, came a whole lotta sweating this weekend. I had great workouts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and seem to be crazy sweaty lately. This isn’t a bad thing though because I swear it’s helping to clear up my skin!


So that pretty much sums up the weekend. A little of a lot and yet nothing really.

This morning was the start of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge here in Durango. My work let us walk downtown to catch the parade and the start of the race which was pretty neat!


The starting line parade


View of downtown on our walk

That’s about it for now but I plan to share more of my fitness routine (I’m switching things up again) and some exciting news later on in the week.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?? Let me live vicariously through you please!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. I’m very upset with Bloglovin’ for not telling me this post existed. ): Luckily, I stalk your blog so I checked anyway and got to read this (: Hmm… unfortunately, nothing exciting this weekend to tell you about. Gym on Saturday, babysat until late that night, woke up early Sunday morning to work (I work at a kickboxing gym, woohoo! Love watching people get healthy :D), and walked to a nearby natural ice cream store with my family to grab some cucumber and watermelon/mint sorbets (so good!!). Happy Tuesday!

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