Hello from the downhill slide to 30!! Today is my 26th birthday and probably the first birthday where I’ve actually felt like a grown-up. Wanna know why I feel like such a grown-up?

Because I am celebrating by wearing my favorite dress to work…


…and putting extra whipped cream on my waffle (don’t worry, I went back for thirds of the cream).


That’s a far cry from celebrations of years past that I probably shouldn’t talk about in such a public place.

Winking smile 

We kicked off Birthday celebrations on Friday. My husband is in the middle of his workweek and as he works nights and I work days we will see each other for only ten minutes today. I don’t mind stretching out my birthday at all!


We went to dinner with our friends and they brought a cake that was soooo delicious!

Saturday was the REAL celebration. For my birthday, we rented some ATVs in the mountains and had a full day of adventure. I didn’t want stuff…I wanted an experience and we had a blast. We rode all over the area (I think we hit at least 70 miles for the day). There were beautiful views, puddle splashing (and muddy faces), ghost towns, and a lot of laughs.


We got home from the adventures at about 6 and immediately passed out (well after a much needed shower). 8 hours of sunshine, fresh air, and wind in your face is quite exhausting. We got up at 9:00pm and I set out to get a head start on my “to do” list for the weekend by doing laundry and dishes. Then we headed into town for a late night store trip and my 2nd present from my husband…a waffle maker!! We have used it 4 times in 2 days…great pick.


Saturday night ended with some late night cake eating…we polished off all of the leftover cake with some decaf coffee (turns out cake was a great way to carb-load for Sunday’s 7 miler). Sunday wasn’t centered around birthday celebrations…instead I got caught up for the week ahead.

Today I’m at work and have no real plans for the evening. I will probably workout, eat dinner, and snuggle with the cats. Very grown-up indeed.


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