Weekend Wrap Up

Greetings from the couch! I’m relaxing and winding down the long weekend. Not many posts last week…I’ve been trying to get a routine going with work, school, and race training. I’m working on it!

It kicked off on Friday with a team building day with my co-workers. We went mountain biking and….surprise (probably not) I loved it!! A chance to sweat and be outside…you know that’s got my name written on it! I did learn a few valuable lessons too like I need better sunglasses and next time to bring my water pack and wear more breathable clothing. I’m considering going this coming Saturday.



Folks, don’t bike and snap…I fell over seconds after this shot!

After the bike trip my husband and I helped some friends move. We used the cool evening to pack the heavy stuff and then helped them unload, pack, unload on Saturday.


Saturday was also filled with kitten snuggles and COLLEGE FOOTBALL!! Football, long training runs, and changing colors (seasons are funky in the mountains) make me so excited about fall.


Sunday was a much needed gym day, to do list, laundry, and homework day. I aced both of my first quizzes and tried to get ahead as possible. As of right now I don’t have anything due until next Sunday, score!


Wish me luck keeping the kitties off of Larry the skeleton

Today was a wonderful long run day…I completed 8 miles by the river. After my 7 miler last week I started having knee pain and was worried that the half might not happen but I have been pain free all day today.


I also grabbed up some groceries and did a little meal prep today…more on that tomorrow.For now I’m going to continue to relax and I imagine that dinner will yet again be a lazy smoothie. No need to dirty any more dishes than necessary!

How was your long weekend? Did you celebrate Labor Day in a fun way today?


3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Hi Shelley – I’ve so missed your updates!!! I got so excited to see you posted today (: This weekend I got to catch up on workouts (much needed! i become so stressed when i miss any), homework, etc… and… I got a car today!!!! 😀 My first car! I’m so pumped. I’m gonna go look at it again in the driveway (: Have a fabulous week!

      • Oh, dear… today has not been good to me. After having the car for only an hour, my mom noticed a problem with its trunk. Turns out, the car was in a major rear-end collision and Toyota’s certification team overlooked it – yikes!! It could have started leaking carbon monoxide, which would kill me, so we had to take it back today… it was a ’09 Toyota Corolla. So I’m back on the market once again. I feel like these past couple of days have gone to waste, and I’m very discouraged! Oh well, must keep my head up high and hope for the best. (sorry this turned into a mini-blog post of my own, haha!)

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