It’s Not You, It’s Me…

Oh summer, how I love thee…let me count the ways.

Colorado Summer evenings are the most magical thing you can experience. Want to feel perfection? This is it.


Tubing down the river (but not breaking your tailbone)


Jumping waterfalls







Grilling out


Spending time at the lake


Early morning trail walks


And river reflections


Fabulous birthday celebrations with friends (all 4 of us have summer birthdays!)





And more that I can’t even capture in words


But as much as I love you summer, I’m ready for a break. These past few days have seemed like the hottest yet and left me with a lingering desire for cooler days, crisp breezes, hot soups, and enjoyable long runs on the weekends. I’m ready for my most favorite season of all – fall!

You see summer, it’s not you, it’s me…I will always have a loving loyalty to colorful trees, college football, and the warmth of the soul that fall and its holidays bring me. However, I know that when we meet again, I will embrace you fully for all that you have to offer. Until next time…


***Sweet Treat Alert***

Why not make the most of the remaining summer days and cool off with homemade sorbet? It’s so incredible easy, just take frozen fruit (mango or berries are my favorite) and throw them in a food processor and run until smooth. Try to avoid adding liquid, but use a splash of almond milk if you need to get things going. Check out this post for a how-to on Mango-Berry Sorbet.

What will you miss most about summertime?


3 thoughts on “It’s Not You, It’s Me…

  1. i had a recent birthday too. happy birthday! i’m hoping that moving to seattle will allow me to be more outdoorsy for once in my life. thomas & i were just agreeing yesterday that it’s just way too hot & humid here to enjoy being outside anytime other than february. we’re very much looking forward to our escape from south florida.

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