Random Happenings

Hello from a beautiful Saturday in the mountains! I have been trying to get it together and do a daily eats post all week long but inevitably I forget sometime during the day and only end up with a picture of 1 or 2 meals. I have started a post for today and will remember this time!! Look for it later or tomorrow morning. Until then, I thought I’d post some random happenings from the week, since I didn’t blog as much as I would have liked.

First important happening…I cut my hair!! I tend to let it grow out until I reach the breaking point…and this always seems to happen suddenly. I will just wake up one day and hate my hair long and make an appointment for that day. One time I was at work and it was bugging me so much I went and got a cut on my lunch break! Tuesday was one of those days, I called a salon at 3:30 for an appointment at 5:15. I told her to cut it off and give me layers.

I won’t lie…when I saw the finished product, I thought I hated it!! It was a big change for me and I think the newness shocked me a bit. Plus, this time around I didn’t like how the stylist fixed it at all. Usually I hate to wash my hair after a cut because I know I can never make it look that good, but this time around I was worried. Then after a few days and the realization of how low-maintenance the style is I decided I freaking love it.


The new haircut is probably the biggest thing to happen this week. Other than that I have been dealing with an extraordinarily needy Sampson. He follows me everywhere I go and just needs so much!

Hey look at me, look at me!


 Enough working out…love me


You can’t go to work…I’d miss you too much


I kid you not…this is happening as I type (and please excuse the bedhead!)


Sometimes he just gets in a mood and will do anything to to be near me. For some reason he doesn’t do it to my husband too…he just likes taking over my day. I guess I’m special!!

Rockie has just been being Rock. I bagged up some old jeans that don’t fit anymore and set them aside so I could remember to bring them to Goodwill. Apparently Rockie hates bags of jeans because he immediately destroyed them….



Sugar Shakedown Update: well we finally were able to dive into some sugar yesterday!! It had been a rough week at work so I decided to bake muffins for everyone.


Chocolate-Zucchini & Apple Spice

I had an apple spice muffin with vegan butter for breakfast yesterday and then a zucchini-chocolate muffin at work…and they were both so good!! I want to try making them with a low-glycemic sugar blend (stevia and coconut sugars) but I didn’t want to risk them being weird for my co-workers so I might experiment with that this weekend.

The verdict? You don’t need sugar in your life every day! Save it for a true indulgence that you enjoy and that makes your body/mind/soul happy. One thing I learned from eating a cupcake on Monday (when I “wasn’t supposed to”) was that yes I did enjoy it and yes I did savor it; however, I didn’t need to eat another one on Tuesday because it wouldn’t taste any better. It wouldn’t be any more special of an experience. In fact, it would make Monday’s indulgence less special. Why have two mediocre experiences when you can have one great one?!!

Also, Kristina and I both agree that eliminating added sugars makes fruit and all other food taste much better! Case in point…I can’t get enough of simple strawberry-banana smoothies (made with almond milk and sometimes protein powder). They taste so sweet and amazing!


I’m going to do my best not to dive headfirst into a tray of fresh baked cookies this weekend! What I’ve learned with sugar is that once it is out of your body (and you stop physically craving it) it’s more about habit and routine. I always ate something sweet in the morning so for the first few mornings I swore I needed chocolate! By the end of the week I was enjoying fruit and nut butter and feeling much better.


Well I am off to do some studying and test taking. I have a quiz and test in Clinical Calculations that I’m getting out of the way so I can enjoy some college football today. I also have a shit ton of Anatomy homework that I need to do this weekend…it’s not due till next week but my mother-in-law and her mom (my grandmother-in-law?) are coming to visit and I want to have everything done early so I can enjoy spending time with them.

Happy Saturday to all and I will be back later tonight (or more likely sometime tomorrow) with a daily eats post.

What was the most exciting thing that happened to you this week?


3 thoughts on “Random Happenings

  1. Gotta love those darned cats! And I love your hair! The girls are here, Nathan’s with
    Jeff and Sandra, and Greg is coming over later to watch the Razorbacks. Woo Pig Sooiee!

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