Full Body Strength Workout

Good Evening!!

It has been a wonderful day. I got in a great workout last night which lead to an amazing and deep sleep (minus a couple of instances of Sampson thinking he needed to sleep on my face and purr directly into my ear at 2:00am). I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, had a surprisingly amazing smoothie (recipe later this week) and a decent day at work. Also, my dinner last night was soooo good and I was able to enjoy the leftovers for lunch today (again, recipe later this week).

I also spent some time down at the river on my lunch. The water revitalizes me!

Anyway, let’s have a new workout, shall we? I was in and out of the gym in about an hour and got in a nice full body workout that had me sweating up a storm!

Warm-up – 1 mile run

Full Body Strength Workout (x3 sets)

  • Squats on bosu ball holding 35lb dumbbell (x20)
  • Followed by 20 squat pulses holding dumbbell
  • Alternating Bicep curls with 25s (x24 total)
  • Jumping lunges (x50)
  • Tricep extensions with 20lb dumbbell (x12)
  • Standing side leg lifts on the LEFT (x20) with 15 pulses on the last rep
  • Alternating shoulder presses with 22.5lb dumbbells (x24)
  • Standing side leg lifts on the RIGHT (x20) with 15 pulses on the last rep
  • Bent over rows with 22.5lb dumbbell (x12 each side)
  • Weighted calf raises (holding 35lb dumbbell) (x20)
  • Chest Flyes with 12.5lb dumbbell (x12) – need to up those weights!!

Core Work (mix of the following moves for various reps, kind of disorganized with this section!)

  • Plank
  • Side Plank
  • Balance disc weighted crunches
  • Russian Twists
  • Oblique V-Up crunches
  • 90 degree stacked leg crunches
  • Weighted toe-taps
  • Plank with knee cross

Followed up by 10 minutes on the elliptical and a good stretch.

The key to making this a “quick” workout is to go through the circuit with minimal rest between each move. Not only does this speed up your workout time but it revs your metabolism during and after the workout! I will just never understand guys who spend 2 hours at the gym but only actually do anything for 30 minutes…what a waste! (Then again I’m not lifting super heavy weights so it is a different style of exercising)


Tonight I did a similar core circuit at home followed by a “Crossfit” style workout and one round of tabata.

Total self-indulgent moment here…check out my biceps! In the past few months I’ve gone from 15lb dumbbell curls to 27.5lb curls!! I’ve gained strength in all areas and am up to 100lb cable rows, 90lb tricep pulldowns, 45lb cable chest presses and more. Score one for progress!



About a month ago I decided I was for sure running a half-marathon here in town in October. Training was going well and I was enjoying my various sprint and hill workouts plus weekend long runs. However, I’ve been dealing with knee pain that does not seem to be going away. It never really hurts during the run itself but it creeps on a few hours afterward and can last for a couple of days. In fact, it was hurting pretty bad towards the end of last night’s workout (though it feels okay today). I’ve been trying to push through the discomfort but double digit runs are doing me no favors. I’m afraid to push too hard and really injure myself. One race is not worth being sidelined from all of the activities that I love. In that regard, I have sadly decided not to run the half-marathon. This upsets and frustrates me to no end – especially since I was able to successfully run 2 half-marathons last fall with no injuries (save some plantar fasciitis after the races).

Alas, I love working out too much to risk being injured and missing out for what could be a long recovery period. It seems that my running “sweet spot” has decreased from 10 miles to about 6 miles. Maybe I should just focus my efforts on 5ks and 10ks? There is something so amazing and thrilling about completing 13.1 miles and I’m sad that I won’t be able to do that in the near future. I’m hoping as long as I continue to be smart about my fitness and all that it entails (varied workout program, stretching, rolling out, sleep, proper nutrition) that one day I will be able to run a half again and get a PR. I guess until then I will focus on that elusive sub-24 5k?

For now my workouts will include strength workouts like the one above, at home no-equipment workouts, epic cardio, runs, walks, hikes, and yoga. I will keep you updated on any knee-pain progress!

I’m off to take care of some homework…that is, if Sampson will let me.


Somebody give this boy attention NOW!


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