Autumn in the Mountains

It is officially fall! Though the temperatures were still around 80 degrees this weekend, the autumn colors are definitely popping up all around us. I took Friday off in anticipation of a family visit but it was cancelled at the last minute.

Instead, my husband and I spent the day driving from Durango to Ouray and back soaking in the beautiful changing colors in the mountains. The Aspens are so gold they seem to glow! I only wish pictures were as beautiful as seeing them in person.




Saturday was spent doing some research and making a fun purchase (more details to come this week!) followed by college football (another sad day for the Hogs), shooting practice, and a late movie.


We saw End of Watch and as I could have predicted, my husband now thinks he wants to work for the LAPD. I much prefer small town mountain living (and the low crime rate that accompanies it). Plus I know he would miss this too much…


I spent today mopping the floor with my to do list…BOOM! I think 3 day weekends should be a requirement. I felt like I got a great combination of fun activities, pure relaxation, and getting stuff done all without feeling overwhelmed. Let’s start a petition to our congressmen shall we??

And as always, the weekend was also filled with sweet kitty snuggles.



Sampson always gets really needy right when I need to be doing something. Um, Sampson? I need to go to the gym okay???


Well that’s fine…he’ll just lay on Rockie instead.


Even though it’s only 5:00pm I’m already thinking about dinner…may just go ahead and eat early! Temperatures are supposed to finally start cooling down this week and I can’t wait until I can make soups and chili galore.

What fall food are you most looking forward to enjoying? Have a great rest of your weekend and I will see you tomorrow with my meal planning post for the week.


3 thoughts on “Autumn in the Mountains

  1. Love all your posts and pictures!! Thought I’d tell you that my dehydrator came and I’ve done bananas, apples and crackers from my juice pulp. Yummy – I’m loving it.

    • Yeah! I saw a “recipe” for sweet potato chips the other day. Slice them very thin (preferably with mandolin) and massage with olive oil and salt. Dehydrate for 6-8 hours. I can’t wait to try. I also think it would be really good to massage the slices with agave or maple and toss in cinnamon for a sweet chip!

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