A Vlog on Vlogs…

Hey guys! Exciting news (well for me)…I got a new camera this week! It’s something that I have been thinking about and saving up for for a while now. I wanted to make the leap to DSLR but I honestly don’t know anything about photography so I decided to go with a point and shoot that still has manual capabilities.

This way I can learn more about photography slow and easy.Then one day when I’m better at shooting and editing (fingers crossed) I can upgrade. It’s like learning to drive and getting a safe, used Honda and then once you’ve mastered the skill you buy the new, flashy car.

I haven’t been able to really read the manual and practice much yet (I just got it yesterday) but here are the few pictures I’ve taken so far. Please don’t judge…


Like I said, I have a long way to go and hopefully this will only enhance the blog! I can already tell that food pictures are way better (most of the time I just take them with my phone).


Here is where I ask for your advice….Vlog Style. Please don’t be afraid of my hair, I did the video in between a shower and bed so it’s looking a little cray.


I look forward to your feedback and advice. I’m here for you guys so I’m open to all suggestions.


8 thoughts on “A Vlog on Vlogs…

  1. How about- I MISS YOUR FREAKING FACE! I know we talk (text) pretty regularly, but I haven’t heard your voice in FOREVER! You’re for sure getting a Colorado accent! But I love it! I’m excited about seeing some of these exercise moves in vlog style! I have a feeling I haven’t always interpreted your names as the move you were doing so we’ve been doing different workouts LOL

  2. Nice, Cannon is the way to go! I had the SXIS20 for a long time and then finally took the plunge to the DSLR a couple of years ago, maybe someday I will venture out of the preset settings, hahah

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