Durango Connect

Hello from the end of a long day! This morning I took part in a fun event here in Durango.


Durango Connect was a plan to form a human chain across all 7.2 miles of the newly finished river trail. I think there were a few breaks in the chain (they needed 8,000 people which is tough in a town of only 16,000) but overall it was a fun experience. I got to spend the first 2.5 hours of my day sitting in the sunshine by the river…and getting paid for it! Score.




On an exciting note…I’ve been researching and experimenting with the new camera and trying to learn how to take better food pictures. A few things I have learned are that lighting matters (already knew this, natural light is best), stability helps (I bought a mini-tripod), and ISO settings can help bring out light in a dark room.

Here are a couple of comparison shots to show how I put these tools into play. These photos were taken late last night using only the natural light from a window…keep in mind that it was dusk so there really wasn’t much light to be had. I took the phone photo and camera photos at the exact same time in the exact same spots and here are the differences.

Tofu Stir Fry for dinner (picture taken around 7:30pm last night)

iPhone photo


camera photos with tripod, ISO at 125, and delayed timer (to still the photo)


HOLY CRAP – I didn’t even think the difference would be this great. These two pictures were all I needed to convince my husband that buying a camera was in fact a good idea. The improved quality is insane and this is with only minor changes!!

Imagine what I can do when I really know how to take pictures. I still don’t know the first thing about editing photos so I’m sure that will help with quality as well (the camera photos do look slightly washed out, but from my understanding, color quality could be improved with editing). I’m working on it and taking it slow so I can really absorb everything I am doing. But so far I am totally enjoying it and I’m blown away on how slight changes can do so much.

So far, the hardest thing is learning how to make the cats sit still for their daily paparazzi shoot.


. notice the creeper in the background

I have a fun blog project starting Monday that I can’t wait to share with you! I will be doing recipe experiments this weekend and taking advantage of all of the natural light to work on my photos. Do you have any food photography tips that could help me out?

Happy Friday all!

Side note: I noticed that my header disappeared out of nowhere yesterday. I plan to fix it sometime this weekend


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