Vegan Mofo Intro

Well the score is officially October – 1, Shelley – 0. I wrote this post up over the weekend and completely forgot to publish it yesterday!! Between work, car repairs, tests, and my two favorite shows (Bones & Castle) blogging completely slipped my mind. Let’s just pretend like it’s October 1st, shall we? Good…now let’s get started.

Welcome to Mile High Healthy’s Vegan Mofo!

Vegan Mofo stands for “Vegan Month of Food.” It is an event in which vegan bloggers (or bloggers who want to feature vegan foods) sign up to blog about vegan food at least 20 times in the month of October. I missed the sign-up last year and really wished I had taken part, so this time around I made sure to commit!

You have the option to choose a theme and while I’m nowhere near the top of the creativity list (Scary Movie food Pairings, 50 Shades of Kale!) I decided to choose the theme “Easy Vegan.” Showcasing the everyday ease of vegan foods is really one of the main points of this blog anyway so I figured I would really take this month to prove how affordable, easy, and delicious vegan foods can be! 

What to expect from Mile High Healthy’s “Easy Vegan” Mofo

  • Recipes –I’ve been slacking in the recipe department lately but have recently been very inspired. Expect many new recipes this month – I’m really excited about some ideas and hope they work out!!
  • Daily Vegan Eats – at least once a week (if not more) I plan to continue my daily eats posts. I’m surprised at how many people really like these posts and it’s the easiest way for me to show you how an average day of vegan eats goes. Nothing weird or overwhelming, just simply plant-based foods that everyone can incorporate into their diet.
  • Shopping – I’ve already written a post on “how to eat healthy on a budget” but I will do another on how to score the best vegan deals. It’s easy to get excited about complicated recipes and superfood smoothies that can drain your wallet, but remember simple is best and usually the most affordable.
  • How to eat out as a vegan – I will show you my easy tips on how to have a vegan dining experience at a variety of restaurants.
  • Vegan breakfasts – quick and easy weekday breakfasts for those on the go and more time-consuming and indulgent weekend ideas.
  • Vegan lunches – I try to pack my lunch 4 days a week to keep unnecessary food spending down. I will share some of my favorite ways to pack a lunch for flavor and fullness  potential.
  • Tofu – don’t be scared. I promise tofu can be life changing.
  • Revisiting old favorites – some of my recipes have fallen through the cracks and I will re-share my favorites from the last year plus of blogging
  • Recipe Roundup – I will be sharing my favorite recipes from Vegan blogs that I love.
  • More???…who knows where the month will take me. Certainly let me know any and all questions you have related to plant-based foods and I will do my best to answer. I love helping people eat more plants.

Onto a personal plan for the month. It’s been a while since I had a monthly goal list and I thought I would bring it back. I feel extra motivated this month and have a few things I would like to accomplish

October Goals

  • Vegan Mofo – Mainly I’m excited to participate in the Mofo and I will strive to bring you content that makes you excited about plant-based foods
  • Try a new workout – as if I don’t do enough forms of exercise I want to try something new!
  • Focus on school – I’ve been doing well in my classes but my Anatomy Quiz grades could use some improvement!
  • Consistently curl 27.5lb dumbbells – the leap from 25lbs to 27.5lbs has been so hard for me! Some days I can do one set of 4 reps of the 27.5 and some days I can barely lift them at all. I’d like to consistently do 1 set of 12 reps with the heavier weights. This means I need to make sure and incorporate upper body strength training at least twice a week throughout the month
  • More vlogs – I plan to do some vlogs for the Vegan Mofo but I also want to do vlogs on workouts and other things as well (and by other things I mean prepare to watch tons of footage of my cats being adorable)
  • Flossing – seriously though, I need to floss. Last month I went to the dentist for the first time in over 5 years!! They said that my teeth and gums were surprisingly healthy for the fact that I hadn’t gotten a cleaning in so long (and therefore the plaque cleaned off) and that I don’t really floss regularly. So imagine how healthy my mouth could be if I did floss! My dentist said that every other night would be sufficient for my mouth. That’s really not bad. So now I’m looking at flossing and oil pulling 3-4x per week for optimum oral health.
  • Eat more coconut oil – this vlog from Purely Twins has me craving it!
  • Photography – practice makes perfect better….nuff said

Whew…it’s shaping up to be an exciting month! Back soon with a vegan spin on an awesome sandwich.


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