Easy Vegan Workout Recovery

Welcome to another installment of Mile High Healthy’s “Easy Vegan” Mofo!!


I’m going to go slightly into left-field before getting to my Mofo Post today….

It’s weird, but this post was inspired by the elliptical last night. After sitting on my butt all day at work all I could think about was mindless cardio. I just wanted to sweat without thinking about different weights or moves or anything. I went to the gym and split my time between the elliptical and treadmill. A little part of me was worried that I would seem super lame if I just did machine cardio and didn’t hit the weights. What would the regulars think? What about the trainers that I know there?

Then I thought….that is really ridiculous. They have no reason to know why I wanted to just sweat it out and in the end I doubt that anyone really cared. All that mattered is that it hit the spot and made me feel so much better.

Do you ever feel the pressure to work out a certain way? It can be hard to be a blog-reading fool and not feel some sort of pressure that you aren’t fit enough or good enough. That running 3 miles isn’t really good because everyone else in your feed ran double digits this weekend. That liking yoga and stretching doesn’t really matter because you aren’t in the yoga studio 5 nights a week for bikram. That your workout wasn’t tough enough compared to some of the ones you see on Pinterest (which, by the way were more than likely created by someone with no personal training education – same goes for workouts I post). That there’s no way you could possibly keep up with the people constantly posting pictures of the 1000 calories they burned with that “easy” workout they just did.

SURE…it’s way too easy in this day in age to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and end up feeling less-than. But you wanna know my secret for feeling good about what I do?? STOP GIVING A SHIT ABOUT ANYBODY ELSE. Just don’t do it. You are not them and they are not you so how can you compare your efforts to anyone else? Not even to me. Take the workouts I post with a grain of salt…and don’t do them if you either don’t want to or don’t feel comfortable with it.

I started this blog after a friend urged me to – Spring-ish of 2011 I had recently transitioned to veganism and was constantly posting my meals and such on Facebook (oh yes, I’m that guy). People were actually interested in the crazy food and my former roommate suggested starting a blog (Tinanana!). Me…a blogger? What if I don’t have anything to say? What if I’m a terrible writer? What if nobody but my mom reads it?? Finally I got over it and started the blog and am so happy that I did. Over a year later and I still enjoy it as much as ever and have been able to connect with so many wonderful people through blogging. That is why I come back here and share my life, food, and workouts with you. Not to prove to you that I’m super fit or have it together (I most definitely do not), but to give you an idea for something if you need it.

That’s the way I try to think about other blogs…I don’t need to compare myself to them but it’s nice to be able to draw inspiration and new ideas from blogs. Reading blogs, books, or articles or even talking with certain friends should NOT make you feel down about yourself and your own unique situation. I briefly touched on this a while back with my post on “missing the big picture.” If we let ourselves get caught up in the comparison game then our lives will never really be fulfilling.

Instead…take today and this moment to really embrace who YOU are. Be happy about YOUR life. Do the thing YOU love to do and don’t give one single moment’s worry to what other people think.


happy picture time! And yes, they snuggle this hard all the time


Today’s Vegan Mofo section is about easy, vegan re-fueling after workout. I hate to disappoint you because I’m not offering up anything crazy or new here…honestly the best way to refuel after a workout is with a smoothie!! Liquid nutrition (and added protein powder, if that’s your thing) is able to get into your muscles way more quickly that eating a regular meal. Smoothies are also delicious, filling, and the possibilities are ENDLESS. You can make a smoothie light or filling and nutrient dense enough to double as a meal. It’s up to you!


I use 3 different protein powders and have a serving of one almost daily. Sunwarrior Protein Powder (in the vanilla and chocolate), Perfect Fit (only available in vanilla), and Syncrho-Gen (a twitter contest prize) are my go-tos. I have tried and do like Vega Protein powder, but it’s a little pricey for my tastes. Brown Rice Protein Powder (specifically the raw brands) seems to make me feel my best and is also the tastiest in my opinion. If you have a vegan protein powder that you love please let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for variety!

Here are a few of my most favorite smoothie combinations for optimal post-workout nutrition.

Protein Smoothie Combos (these work best after a workout that breaks down muscle like strength training)

My basic recipe for a winning protein smoothie is almond milk + protein powder + healthy fat (coco oil/nut butters/flax) + fruit…use whichever ingredients are your favorite! And don’t be afraid to throw in some greens.


Other Smoothie Combos (for times when I don’t need or want added protein, like after yoga, running, or walking)

Sweet fruit + greens + liquid + healthy fats like coco oil or hemp or chia seeds


So there you have it. I argue that there’s no meal that has the potential to be so nutrient dense, varied, and EASY as a smoothie.

What do you think? Let me know your favorite smoothie combos!


5 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Workout Recovery

  1. i’m so psyched that the health foods store i work at part time got samples of a bunch of different sunwarrior products in for employees to try. i took some vanilla 🙂 it’s so expensive! love my job perks. i have a whole tub of vega vanilla chai but i get sick of the flavor, and sometimes just want plain old vanilla as a base…

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