A Guy and a Girl

So one day about 6 years ago there was this guy and this girl who met in the north woods of Minnesota. They didn’t warm up to each other right at first (well, she liked him but he was taken) but sure enough she wore him down (as she has a tendency to do). They got together and fell in love.



The girl moved back to Arkansas to finish school and the boy moved to Alaska to do whatever it is boys in Alaska do – mainly train sled dogs and salmon fish the Yukon.


The girl was so heartbroken that she called him up one day and said she couldn’t live apart! The guy felt the same and so he moved from the last frontier to the south to be with her (something he will never let her forget…ever).


Like all couples, they had ups and downs and grew in life together. Many separations threatened to weaken their bond but sure enough, their love for each other prevailed. She graduated college and they moved west. He joined the Air Force and yet another separation loomed on the horizon.


In early December of 2009, shortly before he departed for bootcamp he got on one knee and asked the most special of questions…will you marry me? She, of course, said YES! Bootcamp came and went and they were married in 2010 on a beautiful Arkansas autumn day.


Next came deployment which was surely tough but they both survived (for which she is thankful every day). One year passed and now another. They moved into the mountains so he could pursue the career that he’d always wanted.



Adventure followed – as it seems to do – and they only became more excited for life and the possibilities that the future holds.




Now the boy and the girl are celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary. He loves her and she loves him: then, now, and forever.


Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband. I am so glad that I found somebody who I can laugh with so wholeheartedly and often. I know that I found my person…that we go together so well. We certainly haven’t had a smooth relationship but it has only served to strengthen our bond with each other. We understand the importance of each other’s dreams and wishes and encourage each other to live our best life.


He lives for me and I live for him: then, now, and forever.


9 thoughts on “A Guy and a Girl

  1. What a wonderful way to say happy anniversary. I love the story of your life together and how you presented it, and I’m so glad that you’re so happy. Congrats and happy anniversary!

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