TGIF + Kittens Snuggling

Hey you. It’s Friday, the most magical of days (at least if you are a M-F/9-5er). Friday means the weekend is here and it is rife with possibilities for activities, fun, rest, and getting shit done. I’m going to be doing mostly the latter this weekend. I wrote up a to do list a mile long and am going to be tackling some things around the house that have been bugging me for a while like cleaning (it’s been a while), laundry (huge pile), organizing my magazine stacks, repairing some furniture, catching up on HW, and maybe more. Of course there will be some fall walks and football sprinkled in (with a side of food and new recipes) but for the most part I’m ready TO DO. Little does my husband know, his “honey do” list is growing by the second as well.


I just wanted to do a quick check in today and see how you guys are doing. Is everyone enjoying the Vegan Mofo posts? Has anyone tried a recipe that I’ve posted this month? I’d love to get your feedback and hear if there is anything you’d really like to see in this last stretch of the month.


Random thought – I have an idea. A crazy idea. Or maybe not crazy at all, but I think it’s fun. Now that the days are getting shorter and shorter, the daylight ain’t what it used to be. It’s hard to get out for a run without worrying I will be eaten by a bear (dawn+dusk is scary!). The cold isn’t helping matters either. In an effort to keep people active now that there’s not enough time in the day to enjoy our favorite outdoor activities, my gym is ramping up the class schedule. One of my October goals was to take a new-to-me workout class and guess what? I haven’t done it. The only class I’ve taken at my gym is Mountain Athlete Yoga. So…my crazy thought was that I want to try one new class every weekday next week!! 5 days of new workouts…this way I can really mix things up and see which classes I love and want to add into my regular schedule over the winter. Why spread it out? I’d hate to wait 4 weeks to try something only to find out I love it. This way I can knock ‘em all out quickly.

The classes I want to try:

  • Cycling – never done it!
  • Zumba – did it once but I felt awkward moving my hips like that in front of my mother-in-law
  • Pilates – I’ve never actually taken a pilates class, only used DVDs. I’m worried for this one though because my tailbone is still hurting…we will see
  • Yoga – 1.5 hour long evening yoga class…yes please!
  • Ski fit – this class looks so fun and everyone is drenched in sweat by the time they are done!! It’s a combo of strength and cardio moves designed to prepare your body for a winter on the slopes

Hopefully my schedule allows, they all start at 5:30 so I will be pushing it. I’m excited though, should be fun!

Some things to check out:

  • 5 reasons to drink lemon water – this simple and super-duper cheap beverage is way better for you than any $$ vitamin enhanced water on the market. Drink some every day and reap the benefits!
  • The Finding Traction Trailer – my friend who moved from Arkansas to Montana on her own to seek out a new life (major props, she is amazing and inspiring) is working with a filming company whose latest project is about endurance junkie ultra-runners (SERIOUS ultra-runners as in 4+days of running). The woman in the film is insane and so inspirational. Check out the trailer at
  • Oh She Glows is re-creating popular candies and making them vegan!! I especially love the copycat Kit-Kat ideas and hope she will be doing a Reese’s version soon.
  • Grilled Banana Maui Bagels from Healthy Happy Life – drool, that is all.
  • Anne of fANNEtastic foods just got married and posted pictures from her “mini-moon” I want to go here so bad!! Virginia in the fall seems like a magical place. WOW.
  • Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes from Daily Garnish – if you’re looking for a weekend breakfast idea these look pretty great (and oh-so seasonal)
  • Remember how I was telling you on Tuesday that my husband once lived in Alaska and did salmon fishing?? Well there is a show on Discovery called Yukon  Men and it’s actually filmed in the village where he lived!! They even show the guy he lived with and worked for, Pat Moore. It’s neat for me to be able to see what his life up there was like.

So that’s it. Nothing special today but I will be blogging my booty off this weekend, of that you can be sure. In the meantime, check out this ridiculously adorable line-up of my kittens snuggling. You may have seen some of these before but come on, it’s kittens snuggling so you can look again. YOU’RE WELCOME.




They’ve been cuddling since they were kittens

Happy Friday All!


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