Rebounding+Upper Body Circuit


highway to the danger zone…

Good morning friends…how is your candy hangover going today? We have plans to leave for Denver right after work tonight so I woke up extra (extra) early this morning to squeeze in a fun and quick workout. 8 hours of desk work + 6 hours of car = I needed to move my booty.

I put together a workout focusing on upper body, core, and rebounding . Jumping on a mini-trampoline is so much fun that I didn’t even blink twice when the alarm clock went off at a very inappropriate hour.

samp tramp

hey Sampson!

Rebounding workout (I completed the circuit twice)

  • Alternating bicep curls (x12 each)
  • Crunches on balance disc (x35)
  • Rebounding for 60 seconds
  • Tricep Raises (x15)
  • Oblique V-ups (x15/side)
  • Rebounding for 60 seconds
  • Bent over row (x12 each)
  • Toe tap weighted crunches (x30)
  • Rebounding for 60 seconds
  • Chest flyes (x12)
  • 90 degree stacked foot crunches
  • Rebounding for 60 seconds
  • Shoulder presses (x12)
  • Down dog crunches (x8/side)
  • Rebounding for 60 seconds

This felt soooo good. Between trying new classes during “workout week” and being super busy this week, I haven’t lifted weights in quite some time! I used 20lb weights for everything but the chest flyes…I used 12lbs for those. When I lift weights at the gym I use a bit heavier but at home I work with what I’ve got…using lighter weights is better than no weights at all! Plus I think it’s good for your body to take the intensity down a notch every once in a while; then you can come back with gusto, right? If you don’t have a rebounder (and I imagine most people don’t) I would suggest 60 seconds of jumping jacks, jump rope, high knees, or dancing around…anything to get that heart rate up!

We will be up in the Denver area until Sunday night, visiting with family and celebrating my mother-in-law’s 50th birthday. I brought some workout clothes in hopes that I will squeeze in a little something, something while we’re there. I know I want to go for a run at my favorite trail and possibly a good long walk or two. I’m bringing my computer too so hopefully I will have time for a post or two.

Have a wonderful day and next time I see you I will be in the Mile High City.

PS – Jenn from For The GLOW just reopened lifetime membership to the glow program! You all know how much I love her and her EPIC workouts, not to mention the plethora of amazing and nourishing recipes on her site. Jenn is such an inspiration and always working to make GLOW a better place. The personalized attention she gives to Glows is unparalleled in an internet program. Not only is she a trainer, nutritionist, and life coach…she will be your biggest cheerleader! Check out the program details at her website.


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