Going Home?

Hey guys! I’m in Denver blogging from my phone today. My mother-in-law came to the emergency room on Monday and unfortunately is still in the hospital. Things are looking good today for going home though so that’s what we are waiting on now.


If you’ve been a Mile High reader for a while you will remember me talking about Mendie before. She has stage 4 melanoma and the doctors say her case has been anything but “textbook”. There have been various setbacks in her recovery over the past year but she keeps chugging along with a positive attitude and faith that things will get better. As long as she adjusts well to the new medications she started this week, she will be able to re-start a clinical trial drug tonight that has a “high expectancy” of shrinking all of her tumors.


You can read my original post on Mendie at “Meet Mendie” under the “about” tab up top. Right now I ask for your prayers, positive thoughts, good vibrations, or whatever it is that you believe in!! The more people who can send peace and love her way the better. Hopefully next time I check-in, Mendie will be back in the comfort of her own home!



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