Back in the Swing of Things

Whew, we are back home – in Durango, that is. It was quite the long weekend. As you know, we visited my mother-in-law in the hospital in Denver over the weekend. Last time I checked in we were waiting for her to be released. Well, she was released on Saturday around 4pm but we brought her back up that same night because the medicines they sent her home with were just not working. And the side effects caused by all of the medicines were really getting to her. She will be there until at least tomorrow to make sure they figure out the correct medication and dosage this time – something that should have happened the first time around.

I wish we could have stayed with her but I had to get back to work today. We were supposed to leave last night but we extended our trip by one more night and instead got up at 5:30 this morning to make the 6.5 hour trek home – and then I went straight to work!! Talk about exhausted, but I don’t want to waste my vacation time if I don’t have to.

When we got home it was one of those moments when you return from a trip and your house just seem weird…know what I mean? But boy will I be glad to sleep in my own bed tonight. I think my husband and I talk at least 3 times a week about how our bed was the best purchase we ever made – it is the most comfortable place in the world!

We left enough food for the cats to get through our trip but all bowls were bone dry when we got home. Immediate gorging commenced once we fed and watered the cats. Rockie would eat, drink, wait and repeat. I was a bit worried he would get sick. Now they are just following me around the house and demanding attention…


saddest cat you ever saw


I’m not in your way, am I?

Also, Rockie is pouting a little. He’s snuggling….but not too close. He wants to let me know that he did not appreciate being alone all weekend.


And then they both smothered me for a bit.

photo (1

I managed to finish up some homework that was due and make a surprisingly good dinner. We have little in the way of groceries so I made due with what was in the cabinets and fridge and was quite pleased.


Stuffed Acorn Squash

I roasted an acorn squash for 40 minutes at 400 degrees. Then I stuffed it with a mixture made of quinoa, white beans, onion, green onion, garlic, and salt & pepper. It hit the spot.  I would have loved to add some greens but we really are quite bare – looks like I’m stopping by the grocery store after work tomorrow!

Fortunately I was able to eat really well while we travelled (3 raw smoothies and 6 salads!!) so I felt alright but it’s still nice to have a nutritious home-cooked meal after a trip.

photo (1)


frequent travel meal: hospital salad bar with hummus and pretzels

In light of the events of the weekend I really want to talk to you all about health and prevention sometime soon. I’m getting together my thoughts and then plan to share the specific things I’m going to start doing in my life NOW to ensure that I have a healthy today and tomorrow. One thing I would suggest you do right away is to hug those you love…don’t forget for a moment how precious they are!

Now it’s time for me to get ready for tomorrow and watch Castle….and then immediately pass out at 10:00pm. Have a great night everybody!


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