Happy Sunday Evening my friends! I’m sitting here bundled up as I type this post because the temperature has dropped here in Durango…we got only a small bit of snow but it is now 22 degrees out there folks and I could have sworn it was 0.


weekend score…smells like Christmas

Just as I had hoped, I was able to get quite a bit done this weekend. The house is clean, my homework is done and I’m even ahead a bit (3 tests taken today and I got 100, 98, and 94).


I also went and saw two movies over the weekend: Wreck It Ralph and Skyfall. I won’t lie, I was slightly disappointed by Ralph; I had high hopes and it just wasn’t the best animated movie I’ve seen. Skyfall, however, was amazing and boy do I love me some Daniel Craig! I’m so excited for a lot of the movies coming out soon: Lincoln, Jack Reacher, Red Dawn, Django Unchained, and the new Die Hard. Obviously I’m a big fan of “shoot ‘em up” action movies…especially when the lead actor is smoking hot. In my opinion: action movie>romantic comedy.



Not much to talk about today, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I’ve finally done some housekeeping around here and you should check it out! The Recipes page has been updated with better pictures and the Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, and Other pages have all been updated with better pictures and all of the most recent recipes (I was way behind). Also, the Weight-Loss page is now a Favorites Page with all of my most favorite non-recipe and non-workout posts. Let me know what you think!!

I will leave you with these two cute pictures of my cats…or at least I think they’re cute because I’m obsessed.


Sampson’s belly cracks me up!


best friends aka partners in crime

I’m going to try to remember to take pictures of my eats tomorrow for a Daily Eats post…we’ll see how it goes. Have a great rest of your weekend.


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