Finding Calm & a Thanksgiving Roundup

Just stopping by to share a little calm with you this Monday morning. I hope you’re all doing well and not stressing about holiday travel or planning. IMG_1217IMG_1218IMG_1220IMG_1225

Blue sky, crisp mountain air, and snow-capped peaks all do wonders for my mind and soul! Things are getting a bit hectic around here with work, school, blogging, and my new project. I am now writing health & fitness articles for an online shopping website 5x per week! My first article goes up sometime today and I will be sure to share it with you as soon as it’s ready. I would love for you to stop by and check it out.

This week seems even more hectic with Thanksgiving travel. I still have to do everything as usual (sadly, no break for the online scholar) plus travel out-of-town for the weekend. Looks like I’m bringing my laptop and books with me so I can get some studying and writing done.

Aside from taking a break outside, eating well and working out really are helping me to keep it all together. I stepped outside Saturday for the beautiful mini-hike pictured above and headed to the gym yesterday when I desperately needed a computer break. I started with 10 minutes of elliptical followed by a killer upper body workout and 20 minutes of treadmill HIIT. Today I plan to hit up spin after work. Exercising helps me to release any stress or negativity while making me feel amazing.

I used to do weekly “fitness recaps” here on the blog but then one day I forgot (that’s usually how it goes). Is this something you’d like to see make a comeback? Let me know and I will start sharing this week!

It’s a Roundup Roundup

The Thanksgiving recipe roundup blogs are just pouring in right now so I thought I’d do my own little roundup of some of the roundups I’ve seen lately! There’s more than enough information here for a healthy and plant-based holiday meal.

Me personally, I’m going to bring my favorite Chickpea Kale Salad to our family Thanksgiving. Yes, I’m going to be “that girl” who brings kale to the table! Hopefully it will open everyone up to how delicious kale can be and if not, more leftovers for me!

What dish are you most looking forward to at Thanksgiving?


One thought on “Finding Calm & a Thanksgiving Roundup

  1. Congrats on the new fitness writing gig — so fun! And thanks for including me in the roundup!

    Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We’re having our official Thanksgiving dinner this Sunday, and I am so going to be that girl that brings kale to the table as well 🙂

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