Thanksgiving 2.0

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I have only checked in once in the past four days, I didn’t take a picture of anything I ate on thanksgiving, and I’ve barely taken any pictures at all on our trip.

I do have these….what I decided to wear for Thanksgiving

photo (1)

And a quick walk before Thanksgiving dinner


Other than that, it has all gone undocumented. Honestly, my favorite moments and meals are often ones that I don’t photograph. I love taking pictures and I’m glad that having the blog has really prompted me to document more of our life, but I just feel like stopping a moment that I’m truly enjoying to snap a quick pic for the blog takes away from it. So a lot of the time I keep the camera in its bag and that’s okay with me.

Quick Recap

We got here late Wednesday night, slept in a bit on Thursday, and then enjoyed a family celebration Thursday evening. Yesterday I got up and took an anatomy/physiology test (90%), hung out with a college friend whom I haven’t seen in years (hey Rihana!), spent some time with my mother-in-law, and then acted as DD for a boys night out.

Today we woke up early for family pictures taken by my husband’s cousin and then enjoyed breakfast out. I also went to pick up some frames at Ikea…my first time there and I managed to make it in and out in about 15 minutes!! That has to be some kind of record and I did it all without elbowing anyone.

Tonight we are doing a Thanksgiving repeat dinner so my mother-in-law can have some leftovers. Everything is cooking up and football is on the TV. It’s like Thanksgiving 2.0 in here!


Here is a sneak peak picture. Nicole is an amazing photographer and I’ve already put this in an 8X10 frame!

That being said, I can see this weekend all over my face. I’m breaking out, my face is puffy and my eyes have bags. I’m exhausted and feel strung out. My meals have been all over the place (my stomach agrees) and very little exercise has occurred. I’ve stayed up late and woken up early. Basically, I’m a wreck.

I’ve decided to do a mini-cleanse this week to get myself feeling better. I’m thinking lots of green juice, green smoothies, salads, and fresh fruit. Lots of sleep and some quality exercise as well. Hopefully I’ll be feeling fresh by the end of the weekend (and then I plan to sleep for at least 10 hours on Friday night!). Maybe I’ll treat myself to a sauna or two at the gym and a massage. This week is all about me feeling great.

That’s it for now…how was your Thanksgiving?  I hope you are still enjoying a relaxing evening. I hope to be back tomorrow or Monday with a salad bar idea post.


I’m a little late with these but here are the rest of my articles for the week, check ‘em out!


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