Healthy Eating Idea: At Home Salad Bar

Today’s idea isn’t exactly new or revolutionary, but it may be new-to-you!

I’ve talked about it before, but getting in a daily salad or green smoothie is one of my top daily health habits that makes me feel my best. That being said, I don’t always do this. Sometimes it’s just too cold for a smoothie or a pancake sounds better (honestly, when doesn’t a pancake sound good?). And a lot of the time I’m just too lazy to make a salad. I like my salads to be chock full of veggies so it’s more than just greens and dressing.

Part one of my Personal Prevention Plan series was about eating better and certainly the number one thing we can all do in that respect is to eat more greens and fresh veggies.

photo (1)

the more green I eat, the better I feel

My husband and I spent some time in a hospital recently visiting my mother-in-law. It got us both to talking about healthy changes we should make in our lives (hence the prevention posts!). We were grabbing lunch in the cafeteria downstairs and both made huge salads from the salad bar. While we were eating my husband mentioned that he would like to eat more salads and vegetables and would be more likely to do it if he always had access to a salad bar.

Um, honey? Your wish is my command!

It didn’t take me long to get the gear and ingredients together for our very own at home salad bar. I bought some nice storage containers, tons of veggies, and got to work chopping up my favorite ingredients.


bell pepper, jicama, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, radishes, and broccoli

I put all of the tupperware on a backing sheet and into the fridge for easy access. My greens base for the week was spring mix and spinach.


With all of the work done, we were free to eat salads any time without all of the hassle! Just plate some greens, top with desired ingredients, and drizzle on some dressing. I was able to east 5.5 huge salads over the course of the week either as meals or sides.

photo (2)

I used a combo of all of the veggies (with beans and hempseeds) plus a balsamic mustard dressing.


now that is what I call dinner!


throwing together a nutritious lunch has never been so easy


Put this idea to use today and get in plenty of greens and fresh veggies. Your body will definitely thank you for the extra love! Speaking of salads, I’m off to make a Guacamole Kale Salad to take to work tomorrow. Have a great night.


4 thoughts on “Healthy Eating Idea: At Home Salad Bar

  1. Darn you! I was almost ready for bed, but now I read this and my tum won’t stop grumbling!! Hahah (: wonderful post, Shelley. hopefully it will galvanize someone to come join us in the wonderful world of salads!(:

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