Random, at best

Well hello there strangers!! It’s certainly been an odd couple of weeks what with Thanksgiving travelling and the dreaded stomach flu. It took a few days but I’m finally feeling better. My appetite (and stomach size) are a little off so it’s still a chore to eat but hopefully everything gets back to normal soon because I don’t like not eating!

So far I’ve made this weekend a nice combo of relaxing, having fun, and getting stuff done….that’s the best kind of weekend in my opinion!! Last night I came home from work and just chilled. I was still dealing with a little fatigue from the flu so I laid on the couch all night. I also stuffed my face with delicious fish tacos and made myself uncomfortably full (so much so that I didn’t eat anything until noon today which is unheard of).

Fish tacos, you say? Don’t worry I wasn’t trying to slip that one by you although it’s probably a story for a whole ‘nother day. Suffice it to say that I’m super duper over worrying about what I do or do not eat (or anyone else for that matter) and am going to relax and eat healthy foods that my body wants. I’ve gone over this before and I know that I flip flop a lot on the subject. I realized that if I didn’t have the blog I really wouldn’t care so much about everything so I decided to live that way no matter what. I’m going to eat foods that not everyone agrees with and that’s okay because it’s my body.


surprise, a cat picture

Anyhoo….I woke up early this morning for some major cleaning. I scrubbed the house top to bottom and it feels so much better in here. Then I had some company over for the SEC Championship game and was a little bummed when Georgia lost – I love a good underdog.

I’ve spent tonight doing some homework and writing. I also submitted my first ever invoice for articles!! Gotta tell you, it’s a pretty cool feeling. I have to thank you guys for reading the blog. Without you I wouldn’t have had this wonderful opportunity.

I’m pretty excited for tomorrow! Other than more homework and writing, I’m planning to go on a hike with some friends. We figured we should go ahead and take advantage of all sunny and decently warm days (“warm”) before things get cold, cause you know they will.

Fall trees

too bad the beautiful leaves are gone

I just wanted to let you know that my posts for the next week or so are going to be random at best. It’s finals week so I need to focus on school. Also the hubs is planning to stay at home next weekend which will be the first time in almost two months so we are going to be spending some quality time together (if you know what I mean, and I’m sure you do. Sorry if you’re reading this Mom).


miss this handsome face

I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend! What are you all up to?


PS – here are my two latest articles, check them out!!


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