Checking In & Link Love (for myself!)

I told you my blogging would be random lately! I am finally finished with this semester of school, but I have spent the past few days up in Denver with my mother-in-law. I’ve told you guys about Mendie before but I just want to ask for good thoughts and prayers again.


Thanksgiving 2.0

I’m heading back home tomorrow and I’m excited to see the kitties. I miss those goobers way too much any time we leave.


As far as school goes, I will know my “final/official” grades on Wednesday but I do know that I finished with an A in Clinical Calculations and a dang 89.8% in Anatomy & Physiology I so I’m anxiously awaiting to see if my teacher kindly rounds up!!

On another note, I would love you guys to check out all of my recent health & fitness articles for A link to all of the articles can be found here. And my most recent articles are below.

How to set a healthy goal

Instead of waiting for a new week, new month, or New Year to set healthy goals for yourself, why not start today? It’s never a bad time to make the change to a healthy lifestyle. Check out these simple guidelines for setting and reaching your healthy goals.

No equipment needed exercise

Working out doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, you don’t need a fancy gym membership or any fitness equipment in order to get a great workout for your whole body. Check out these ideas for no-equipment needed exercise moves and get sweating today.

Sipping smart this holiday season

December is here and that means a packed social calendar filled with holiday parties and get-togethers with friends, family, and co-workers. This also means more occasions to eat and drink than usual. Check out our five tips to sip healthy this holiday.

Severe morning sickness and possible treatments

With all of the news on a royal heir, interest in all things pregnancy is on the rise. Unlike Kate Middleton’s hyperemesis gravidarum, morning sickness is very common in mothers-to-be and can be an extremely uncomfortable symptom to deal with. While the effects of morning sickness are not pleasant, there are small steps an expectant mom can take to help ease her tummy troubles and have her feeling better in no time.

Gift ideas for the fitness freak

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to buckle down and finish that holiday shopping before it’s too late. We have a variety of gift ideas for the fitness freak in your life from the runners to weight lifters and even the at-home enthusiast (or newbie!). Check out our ideas and deals to keep your friends and your wallet happy.

That’s it for now…I’ll check in again this week when I have a moment. Don’t forget to check out my updated Before & After Pictures page!


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