It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


view from our living room

So just last week, I was feeling sorry for myself that it didn’t feel like Christmas. But now, I can tell you that it’s getting closer! We had a major snow dump on Friday & Saturday and I even watched Home Alone. Much better.

The snow started early Friday morning and didn’t stop till late last night. I don’t know the total accumulation but I can tell you that, in spots, it came up almost to my knee!

Yesterday morning I woke up early and got in a nice at-home workout. Then I chased that with a delicious breakfast…



where the steps used to be


…and some snow shoveling. It was my first time to shovel snow and I love it! It’s like mowing with a push mower: I get to be active outside and do something that works my body without feeling like exercise. Oh except for the fact that I can barely move today. I hurt.

After I cleared our stairs, I went and played in the snow around our neighborhood for a while. Just when I think I can’t love living in the mountains any more, something like this happens and I fall in love with it all over again.


It was a wonderful day that could’ve only been made better by getting to spend it with my husband. I was supposed to fly up to Denver to see him and my mother-in-law again this weekend but the flight was cancelled. I will be back up there for my four day weekend over Christmas. I sure do miss him!

For now, I’m gonna take a hot bubble bath, slowly and gently stretch my sore body, and probably take a nap. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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