Thoughts on blogging and article links

Hey remember this past October when I blogged every day and served up over 20 recipes? That was fun. It was also quite exhausting (and a bit pricy!).

I feel like I’ve fallen off the blogging radar lately.


I really want to blog and I often think of so many things I want to talk to you about, but I never seem to get around to it. School, work, and family issues have taken up quite a bit of my time and I’m just worn down. But fear not, I won’t abandon you!

I have grown to love blogging so much over the past year and look forward to interacting with you guys. I’m so grateful for each of you that visit on a daily basis and those of you who reach out through comments, email, and twitter.

I’ve often tried too hard on the blog – that is, I’ve tried to force it to be what I thought it should be instead of letting it be what it is. Whether it was a certain amount of recipes, workouts, or daily eats posts per week or a limit on personal talk, sometimes I just overthink it.

What I find myself really wanting to do lately is just use this as a space to talk. It doesn’t have to be about anything profound, sometimes it’s just nice to get it all out. So that’s what I’m planning to do. Just come here and say what I want to say.


Hopefully there will be recipes (I’m in a cooking rut!) and of course there will be workouts, but there will also be regular musings of my daily life and of course some cat pictures…you knew that was coming. I’m also planning on getting around to more of my Personal Prevention posts and some vlogs here soon.

Thank you for sticking around here even though I’ve been a bit quiet lately. I promise to come around more.

In the meantime, check out my most recent articles for

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