Getting back to “normal”

Hello all!! We are back in Durango and trying to get back to some sense of normalcy since returning from Denver. Things seem to come and go in waves and only time will help to heal us (though I’m sure we will always have a whole in our hearts for Mendie).


my best friend and brother came out  from Arkansas for the service


I mentioned before but I’m very much a creature of habit and two weeks without structure, routine or my own things was tough on me. In fact, the past two plus months have been tough on me as our whole life was turned upside down. My husband was in Denver for 6 straight weeks and before that he was up there every weekend for 4 or 5 weeks. Needless to say I missed him.


It’s so nice to have him back!

Since returning on Saturday evening, I’ve spent my time being stalked and smothered. Seriously…they are attached to me!! I just can’t shake them (not like I want to or anything).


Getting my spark back

I was talking to a good friend earlier about how I feel kinda down/bummed. I feel like I could lay around and sleep all day. I know I’m not depressed but I definitely have the blues.

I don’t feel like I have energy or motivation and I feel like I’m missing my spark. It’s an uncomfortable feeling and I’m sure totally normal for our situation.

I’m working to get back into my routine to see if that helps. It’s also 6.5 weeks till Hawaii now (where has the damn time gone?) so I’m making sure to exercise and eat well which should work to help me cheer up and make me feel healthier.

post spin

awkward gym bathroom shot (my friend demanded proof I went!!)

I went to spin class tonight and was reminded that I always enjoy a workout…I just wish I could bottle up that workout high and drink it any time I think about skipping the gym or hitting snooze in the morning!

I know I talk a lot about putting health before vanity (and my health is always my priority) but I won’t lie – I’m trying to slim down for this beach trip. I’d like to lose the top layer of “fluff” that has settled onto my middle after the holidays and all that came with it (plus less exercise). I never actually gained weight but I would still like to trim up.


I want the confidence I had on our last Hawaii trip

Just thought I’d be honest with you guys – we all struggle with weight and appearance now and then and it’s ok as long as you don’t let it take over your life and cause you to start having unhealthy behaviors.

Anyhoo I feel like a rambler today. Now that we are back I’m going to get back into a blogging groove as well. Thanks for sticking with me the past couple of months! I appreciate all of you guys and I’m happy to be back.


3 thoughts on “Getting back to “normal”

  1. Welcome back, keep your chin up, and don’t forget about the resolution challenge on For the Glow! If it weren’t for you and my friend Ali (who introduced me to your site), I wouldn’t be doing it, and it’s making me feel so wonderful! Get in there and feel better. I’m sorry for your loss.

    • I’m glad you are enjoying the Res Challenge! I’m starting the detox on Sunday (doing a “pre-cleanse” this week from all the processed junk, sugar, and restaurant food I ate over the past few weeks). I will be blogging about it for sure. Thanks Trista.

  2. Glad to have your back!!! That feeling that you have will last for awhile..I’ve been dealing with the death of both of my grandparents, almost losing my Dad and now my Mom with breast cancer and I turn to your blog (and a couple others for strength) because it is very hard to remember to take care of yourself when we are being the caregiver for others. I’m very sorry for your loss and I’m also very glad you are back, you have been missed! xo

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