Wish me luck + article links

Good evening! I hope this post finds you at the end of a relaxing weekend and maybe you’re even lucky enough to have the day off tomorrow.


relaxation at its finest

Our weekend was fun and relaxing. I headed into it with a huge “to do” list and nothing really got done! Friday night we headed right out to dinner with friends for a congratulatory dinner. In the past couple of months they got married, got pregnant, and bought their first house – talk about a big year.

After dinner we met up with my husband’s work friends to hang out and eventually ended up at a bluegrass concert. I crawled into bed at 1:30am (so late for me) and slept until noon on Saturday. More friends time and hanging out yesterday led to very little getting accomplished. Oh well, it was our first weekend back home together in a very long time so it was nice.

Question for the photography folks – last night I was trying to learn more about my camera and doing some experimenting with the manual setting (I have a Canon Powershot G12). I mimicked the settings used on the Canon website but every time I tried to take a picture all I got was a black screen. No matter how much light I used, it came out black. Anyone know why this is happening?


One big thing I did this weekend was collect all of my info for applying to Nursing School!! I started online pre-requisite classes last August and this is my official application into the program. I’m getting nervous because I hear that it fills up quickly, I hope I get accepted for this fall. Wish me luck!!


Tonight I’m working on catching up on laundry, food prep (yummy kale salad for the week’s lunches), writing articles and anything else I can manage before I pass out tonight.


oh and bugging these guys with endless pictures

Until I’m back (hopefully sooner than later), check out my most recent ShopAtHome.com articles:

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The Super Bowl is fast approaching. Whether you are hosting your own watch party or heading over to a friends’ house, game day spreads can do a number on your waistline. Instead of indulging in fried foods and cheese dips, check out our ideas for a slimmed down spread that will be much friendlier to your healthy lifestyle.

Four greens to spice up your salad

Most people would like to eat better but don’t know where to start. When envisioning salads, a lifeless and watery creation usually comes to mind. Instead of settling for boring, check out these four greens that can kick your salads up a notch. You will be asking for seconds and eating healthier before you know it.

Improve your home with a home gym

Considering some home improvement this year as part of a New Year’s resolution? If you are thinking about updating your home, why not make an improvement to your home and life at the same time.Putting together a home gym is a great way to make use of extra space while providing you a no excuses place to work out that’s right at your fingertips.

Healthy and fun date ideas

New relationships can cause havoc for your waistline. Instead of sticking to your healthy diet, you might go out for rich and decadent dinner dates. Your exercise routine falls to the wayside in favor of watching movies together. Instead of letting dating ruin your healthy lifestyle, consider these ideas for active dates that will strengthen your bond.

How to be healthy on a road trip

Taking road trips is an American pastime that lets you experience the best that our country has to offer. It can be easy to let a road-trip turn into a fast-food filled and sedentary experience. Instead of the same old routine, try out these quick and easy tips for a much healthier and energized road trip.


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