Personal training success

Holy shit folks.

I had my first personal training session last night and it was a doozy.

post sesh

post-session, not sure why everything is orange

I made the mistake of telling the trainer that I “workout hard” so he shouldn’t go easy on me. Well…push me he did and I’m pretty sure he thought that I was lying and that there’s no way that I workout cause I was a sweaty, heavy-breathing mess the WHOLE TIME.

The combination of lower body and cardio moves he put me through (fast paced squats, walking lunges) got my heart rate right up! I was so sweaty that my glasses stayed fogged no matter how much I wiped my face and I felt like a bit of an idiot.

By the last set of banded side squats I really thought I was gonna fall over. My legs were shaking so hard and I had to sit low into the squat position and I didn’t know if I could stand back up!!

Same thing happened with the tricep moves – pulldowns are something I have in my regular rotation already (going up to 60lbs!!) but the standing tricep extension was killer. My arms felt like jello. Hell, my whole body felt like jello – when I was doing the abs moves everything was shaking so hard!!

William was so great and encouraging the whole time. He made sure to correct my form and not let me cop out on moves (like when I’d get hunched over towards the end of the walking lunges). He constantly told me that I was doing great and I like that style of training – please don’t yell at me or I will cry.

I’m going to meet with him once a week until Hawaii for a new routine, then I will repeat each routine twice more throughout the week (Fridays and Sundays).


I’m sharing the workout with you guys so you can feel the pain along with me. I even embedded links to show you how to do certain moves – it took forever so somebody better do this dang workout!! Let me know if you need any more guidance on the moves.

Move Weight Reps Sets
TRX deep squats with row none X12 2
TRX single leg squats left none x12 2
TRX single leg squats right none x12 2
KB swings 23 x15 2
KB "burnouts" * 23 x15 2
Walking weighted slow lunges (controlled) 20 x24 2
Side walking banded squats  none x24 2
Step ups on bench + bicep curls right 20 x12 2
Step ups on bench + bicep curls left 20 x12 2
Hamstring Curls 37.5 x12 2
Single arm chest press off bench right 15 x12 2
Single arm chest press off bench left 15 x12 2
Tricep cable pulldown (drop weight sets) 45 x12 2
Tricep cable pullover (drop weight sets) 40 x12 2
Cable bicep curls 40 x12 2
Cable squat with row 40 x12 2
Reverse crunch/hip raises none x12 2
Toe tap with ball* 8 x12 2
Ball bicycle crunch* 8 x20 2
Ball deep v-ups 8 x12 2
Opposite reach crunch* none x12 2
Back extensions none x12 2

*KB burnouts: stay in a squat holding kettlebell in hands. Squat down till KB taps floor. Don’t come all the way up
*Toe tap with ball: lie on your back with legs straight up. Hold a medicine ball and reach up and tap your toes with it (crunching)
*Ball bicycle crunch: regular bicycle crunch but instead of hands behind head you crunch up and hold a ball over knees
*Opposite reach crunch: lie with legs and arms straight up. Lower opposite arm/leg down as far as possible and crunch back up (Like a v-up but opp leg/arm only, alternating)

Everything is done as a "superset". That is…for everything grouped together go through the group then go right back through a second time. Anything by itself just take a second to rest and repeat. Instead of doing the workout all of the way through and then repeating, it’s broken up.


Also, because the sessions are Wednesdays (and not Tu/Thur like I originally planned) I switched my WO schedule up a bit to reflect it:

1-24-2013 11-38-26 AM

Again, I’m not 100% set on everything, if I feel my body needs a break I’ll take it (like this morning when I snoozed it up).

All-in-all I’m glad I decided to enlist the help of a trainer. I have been doing strength training on my own (with much heavier weights) but this session really kicked my ass. Maybe I just wasn’t pushing myself hard enough? Or maybe the combo of lower body cardio moves is what will really challenge me?

Although I felt like I might throw up, I really enjoyed the workout and felt amazing once it was over.  Can’t wait to see what next week has in store!

Have you ever used a personal trainer and did you like it?? I used one for our wedding two years ago and it helped me to lose 10lbs and firm up in all the right places.


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