What I’ve been doing lately (besides NOT blogging)

I love to blog. I have so many half-written blog posts that I want to finish one day. I plan to blog daily and then all of a sudden I realize I haven’t posted anything since Monday.

I have been doing a whole lot lately – just not blogging!! With work and school (and prepping for Hawaii), my free time is rare.  However, I’m working to manage my time better so I can still blog, since I do enjoy it.

What I have been doing lately 

The majority of my time is spent doing HW – this semester is gonna be a tough one. The only way I can describe it is to say it’s very involved. Lots of assignments, lots of reading and lots of tests.

Also – lots of labs which I don’t quite know how I feel about. Yesterday I got to study my own blood which was cool – however it was not cool how many times I had to prick my finger in order to get a big enough sample.

Because it’s an online class, I have to send in pictures as proof that I am really doing the work. I think this is hilarious and ridiculous. 


Some pictures even have to have our face in it


good thing I’m not squeamish

Hitting up the gym and sweating it up at home also take a good chunk of my time. But I’m really enjoying myself and loving the new training routines – they keep kicking my ass!!


super awkward gym pic

I’ve been doing a lot of daydreaming about Hawaii. It’s so magical there I can’t believe we will be on the beach in a month!


you’ve seen this picture 18 times, sorry


I will hike you soon

I’ve also been daydreaming about a new SLR camera. I love photography and would love to really learn more and get better. My favorite thing to photograph (besides my cats) is nature – hiking + snapping pictures is my idea of the perfect day.

I’d love hit “purchase” this very second, but I’m having a hard time talking the hubs into agreeing that I actually need a camera (and a lens…and photo editing software…).


I’ve been trying to do a daily eats post but inevitably I forget to photograph everything. Gonna work a little harder on that this week. That being said, I have been enjoying some delicious foods.


protein pancake of course


ridiculously good pizza – I swear I had at least 7 full cloves of garlic on my 2 slices!


fresh foods keep calling my name (copycat of that slaw coming one day)

I spent a good 3+ hours devoted to food this morning between shopping and prepping for myself and my husband. I made him a ton of chicken, rice and roasted vegetables for the week (he’s trying to put on some weight so I’m helping him out by making it easy).

As for me, so far today I’ve made: homemade coconut milk, homemade vanilla almond milk, kale-lemonade (48oz!), mocha chip macaroons, guacamole-kale salad and zucchini hummus. Holy moly! I’ve been drawn to super fresh foods this week so I’m keeping it simple with lots of raw goodness.


kale lemonade: kale, spinach, cucumbers, green apples and lemon


always watching…

And last – but certainly not least – I’ve been doing some kitty snuggling (of course!). I’ve gotten into Gossip Girl on Netflix (don’t ask why) and Sampson really likes it too.


Well – that’s it for now. Hope you are all doing fabulous. I promise to post more than once this week. On the docket I have posts on Hawaii Prep, time management, daily eats and a new workout routine.

I hope the rest of your weekend is relaxing and fabulous. I need to go do some cleaning and then watch some fun commercials. Till next time!


3 thoughts on “What I’ve been doing lately (besides NOT blogging)

  1. I have a Canon Rebel and it is an awesome awesome camera…You can usually get the camera bundle for under $900 with one or two lenses. It comes with pretty decent software to start and then you could always upgrade to Photoshop or something like that down the road.

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