Lots going on

My posting lately is quite pitiful. It’s all about Hawaii prep or things that I’ve been doing besides blogging!! I find it difficult to post more often during the winter specifically because the lack of sunlight and cold weather has led to zero recipes and minimal outdoor adventures.

I prefer to use natural sunlight for my food photos if at all possible because it’s just soooo much better. However, there is no sun by the time I get home from work and I often don’t have much time on the weekends so it’s really cramping my style. But we are springing forward soon and I can already feel the days getting longer. I have tons of recipe ideas tucked in the back of my mind (and typed up on my iPhone) so look for those to start coming mid-March!!

I’m also going stir-crazy so I’m about to brave the ice/snow/frigid temps and just get out there. We went on a hike two weekends ago that felt so good I want to do more.


I’ve had a busy few weeks and we had quite the exciting weekend! After much research and many, many emails with my new best friend Sheldon….we finally got my husband a truck! He has been wanting one forever and we really need it here in Durango. Last summer we just couldn’t access the really fun and backcountry hikes we wanted due to crazy mountain passes so having a truck is going to let us do a lot more exploring this summer.


yes I made him pose by it

Sadly, this did mean saying goodbye to my Mazda. I won’t like – I got a little teary-eyed and had a hard time handing over my keys. I’ve had this car for NINE YEARS (more than a third of my life!) and though I knew it was time to let it go, I still got all sentimental. My parents gifted it to me in high school for good grades and it’s stuck with me through college, adventures in the great, white North, road trips, and moving out to Colorado. It was a wonderful car and stayed in great shape throughout the years. I hope it goes to a new owner who will love it as much as I did!

photo (1)

I’m now driving my husband’s Subaru (well, my Subaru now) – it handles the snow so much better! Too bad a guy backed into me on Valentine’s day and I’m still waiting for Farmer’s to handle the claim!! Because it was in a parking lot they told me that I’d be 50% responsible but I was all OH HELL NO because he backed into me after I was in drive and honking loudly . And then he admitted it was his fault and said "oh I gotcha good, didn’t I"…so they’re crazy if they think I’m paying a single cent, right?


Once we left the dealership, we headed over to a friend’s to pick up a new dryer because ours broke last weekend and we had mountains of laundry EVERYWHERE. I’m not even being dramatic – there were piles all over the house. My husband and I put in a valiant effort to fix the dryer but then got frustrated and decided a new one would be way easer (well, new to us – we got it off a friend for dirt cheap). I then proceeded to do 7 loads of laundry. Everything is clean and it is glorious.

We leave for Hawaii on SATURDAY OMG so I spent a lot of the weekend getting ahead on homework. I have twice as much to do this week so I don’t have to so much as look at a computer while we are gone (sorry but the blog will be dead silent). I am rocking Microbiology which surprises me because I was pretty worried about it. I’m getting 100% on the chapter tests and I got a 96% on the unit exam! I have two full Anatomy exams this week so that’s no fun for anyone.

Also included in the weekend’s fun was some extreme kitty snuggling.


I know, it’s hard to look at.

And practice photo editing. I’m going to be taking a million pictures in Hawaii and will be doing some at our friends’ wedding so I’ve been playing around on Lightroom a bit. I have SO MUCH to learn it’s a bit overwhelming.


Aside from finishing all HW this week I also have an eye appointment (it’s time for new glasses, hope I can find a similar style), nail appointment, final personal training session, and a wax appointment (yep, gotta do it) so it’s going to be super jam packed!

I will be back with some more blog posts I pinky promise! I have a "one week to Hawaii update" (yes I know, I skipped two weeks), daily eats post and a new recipe! Hope everyone had a fabulous Monday morning start to the week.

What fun things did you do this weekend?


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