Back in Colorado



We have returned home from a week on Oahu. I have MILLIONS of pictures to share (I’m scared to find out just how many I took) but no time to go through them quite yet. I promise I’ll share them as soon as they’re downloaded/organized/edited.

It was a fun vacation with friends and I can’t wait to go back – we are planning a Maui vacation over Christmas with my brothers-in-law!

After a very long day of travel we finally made it back home. I didn’t make a single attempt at unpacking or tidying up (and probably won’t until the weekend, I’m the worst unpacker) and went to bed at 8:30!! I’m glad I did because I was able to get in 10 quality hours (read: dead to the world) of sleep so work didn’t hurt today.

I woke up in a weird mood today – a good weird for sure but I spent the whole morning trying to figure out what was going on. Was it just nice to be back home in familiar surroundings (and actually feel clean and not sticky after a shower?)? Had the vacation given me the rest, relaxation and break from stress that I had hoped? What was this feeling? It was super familiar and I kept having flashbacks to our return from our Hawaiian honeymoon. Bizarre, but I liked it.

I do know that I’m feeling super motivated all around. After a week of delicious indulgence, I’m motivated to eat and drink as many greens and veggies as possible! I just want to clean up my entire diet and get back to plant-based. I feel the best and most energized when I’m eating all plants – I think all of the fiber does wonders for me. Happy digestion = happy Shelley. I’m feeling motivated to really pare down eating out and get back to cooking at home. I’m also excited for some recipe ideas – I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have regularly posted new vegan recipes here on the blog!!


fresh grocery haul tonight

This week I’m planning on lots of smoothies, breakfast cookie dough cereal, guacamole kale salad, Roasted Buddha bowl, bean burgers with salad and sweet potatoes, and fresh veggie salads.

I actually had a delicious green smoothie for dinner….easy recipe coming your way.


I’m also motivated to hit the gym up again and go for more outdoor runs now that the evenings have sun.I did 4 miles on a favorite trail after work last week and was surprised and excited at how easy it felt.

photo (1)

And I’m feeling REALLY motivated to clean out the house from all of the unnecessary junk we have. Spring cleaning, here I come!! I think we’ve decided to stay in our current place a little longer so it’s time to clean it up and start fresh.

Of course, all of this motivation will probably have to hold off until the weekend as it’s a busy week back at school. Lots of reading, HW, quizzes, chapter tests, experiments and a mid-term! On that note – I’ve got work to do. I’ll see you guys soon!


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