I didn’t workout for two weeks

Seriously. 14 long days without a sweat session. Part of that was travel and vacation and the rest was sheer laziness this week. I kept waiting to get into my groove this week (and even packed my gym bag every day) but it just wasn’t there.

I love working out enough to not force it when my mojo is slipping. Travel back + midterm week + time change (jet lag and daylight savings) have left me exhausted this week. I just didn’t have it in me. I believe there is a big difference in needing a break or some rest and just not wanting to workout. I think I experienced a little bit of both! There is nothing wrong with taking time off when you need or want to.

And although I didn’t workout while on vacation, I did get in plenty of “exercise.”

I snorkeled in Hanauma bay with the most beautiful (and friendly!) fish


I swam laps in the house’s pool and around the ocean (Kailua bay)



We did lots and lots of walking around Waikiki, the north shore and of course on the beach.



We hiked in the mountains off the Pali Highway


And ended our trip with a climb up Diamondhead


We love active vacations and I certainly enjoyed getting out and exploring the island. However, I have not enjoyed becoming an island of my own on the couch this week.

But all that did change with a short and glorious run Thursday night. I managed two breezy and beautiful miles around the neighborhood before settling in for my hour and forty minute Anatomy & Physiology midterm (83%, not too shabby).


It made me excited for spring runs and summer hikes. And it reminded me that sometimes breaks are necessary but I’m always ready to come back. Now that Hawaii is over, I’m contemplating my workout schedule – maybe I just won’t have one for a while?

Going with the flow sounds nice – as long as I’m going!! What are your favorite workouts lately?


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