Tomorrow is today

Hello all! Oh how I’ve missed you. I’m three itty bitty weeks away from being done with school for this semester and therefore having much more free time on my hands and boy do I have a backlog of things I want to blog about.

Today I just wanted to stop in with a thought that’s been on my mind lately. It applies to everyone out there who has wanted to change their life but after many attempts still feels stuck in the same ol’ rut.

Tomorrow is today

For all of those times you’ve thought about trying to get healthier or lose weight or start running/zumba-ing/whatever it is you want….tomorrow is today.

You sit there and eat too much pizza and ice cream and tell yourself it’s okay because your diet starts tomorrow (or Monday). You lay around all day and say it’s ok because your workout regimen starts tomorrow. You put off whatever it is because you can always start it tomorrow. [trust me, I’ve done all three of these things!]

A few years ago I was the queen of “tomorrows.” I would start eating better, working out and quit drinking all in the mythical land of tomorrow. I did that for years even though I knew how self-destructive it was.


Every time “tomorrow” would come and go and I’d still be the same old me. And I didn’t like me very much back then. Finally, I had enough of feeling that way and I decided to take charge of my life.


Not only do I feel so much better, but I like myself so much more. It’s not just about the weight. It’s about the fact that I love myself enough to take positive action in my life and do the things I really want.

I will admit that I have a little collection of “tomorrows” piling up, but that I resolve to take action now. My list includes:

  • Editing my friends’ wedding photos from Hawaii. I’m genuinely scared that I will be terrible at photography and it’s something I love so much.
  • Get into a new workout routine. After confirming my torn meniscus, I’ve been enjoying the couch more than a good workout a little too often. I need to get into a routine that helps me feel good while taking it easy on my knee. There’s nothing that makes me feel more beautiful and empowered than working out.
  • Doing something about my sugar addiction. My sweet tooth is out of control ridiculous and I keep thinking “I’ll deal with it Monday” but I never do. Time to get serious.

Remember -  tomorrow is today and soon it will be yesterday. Whatever it is that you want….you are worth it right in this very moment. 


What is it that you have been putting off until tomorrow?


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is today

  1. If that photo of the flower is any indication, you are a wonderful photographer! I paddled with Taylor in his new canoe for 2 hours today, and I’m starting to feel the burn. Hope I can move in the morning!

  2. THank you for this post, I can totally relate! I have been saying and planning on doing something to change myself for awhile now! I finally did, I went and signed up for Crossfit, today will be my half way mark for my beginnner class, 4 more classes and I will graduate! So glad I finally did it!

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