So once in my drama class in junior high we had to write and film a short musical. It was supposed to be an original work with original songs. My friends and I did “Arkansas” — the off-off-off Broadway version of Oklahoma. And we even wrote our own songs. Well, when we viewed them all in class everyone else had just used other songs like “Sweet Home Alabama” and even actual songs from musicals. Ours was so, so bad in comparison.


Anyhoo…all that to say that I just returned home from Arkansas yesterday!! I hadn’t been back to see my family in nearly two years (though they have come out here) so we were all over the place making sure to see everyone. We stayed somewhere different every night (5 nights total) so getting back to our own bed was quite nice. As was getting snuggle-bombed by the kitties.

I went out for the death of a friend from high school. My best friend Sarah was his sister-in-law and I wanted to support her and her husband, especially after she travelled all the way to Denver in January for my mother-in-law’s service. Though the circumstances were unfortunate, I am so glad I got to make the trip (even though I didn’t get to spend near enough time with Sarah and her husband!).

However, I did get to visit my favorite artwork, the “Pig on a Pig”

pig on pig

And I was reminded that springtime in Arkansas is lovely

flowers 2flowers

I so enjoyed seeing my family.


And having my husband with me – it was his first time out since our wedding there in October 2010!


We even spent some time outdoors shooting skeet and riding around on a four-wheeler.


I think skeet shooting may be my new hobby? It’s quite fun and I’m not too bad at it!!

I spent the plane rides in and out of Durango sure I was going to crash. I would make the worst flight attendant ever.



I’m back home and trying to get back into a routine after two back-to-back trips. Our house is a mess, the laundry is backed up and our fridge was empty. You know, the usual. I’ve made up a meal plan and workout guide for the week and will be back to post it.

Off to watch Castle and continue to be smothered by kitties – have a wonderful night!


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